I woke up this morning feeling pretty sad that today is the day before I move. Meaning, the last of my Alpine days. Not really, because who knows- I may end up living here the rest of my life. And even if I don't, I will always come back multiple times a year.

But this is the end of an era for me.

My mom and I have been rushing to get things done all week and I keep feeling really emotional. This scene from the final episode of Gilmore Girls keeps running through my head.

Last night as I was making my final drive from BYU to my house, I kept thinking, "What am I doing?" I had a super fun night with my friends, I ran into 2 other great friends- one from high school and one from Jerusalem. I navigated through Provo so effortlessly and stopped at my favorite cupcake place. I came home to a warm house and had a nice chat with my mom and planned out the delicious meals we would be making today. All this week I kept running into great people I've known for a long time or given people the update. It is just so fun seeing so many people that know me and my family. It's just so easy.

But I'd like to remind myself that I am ready for this adventure. I keep thinking of this quote that my sister turned into a great print for her shop:

I knew I liked this quote. But I loved it a lot more after Elder Costa gave a devotional at BYU last year with this quote as his thesis. He spoke about getting out of your comfort zone, choosing a career, and moving forward with your life- even when it feels uncomfortable.

Turns out, BYU devotionals are really worth it when you make time for them. Probably wouldn't be moving to Texas right now if it weren't for that one.
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