Buying Furniture

Sometimes when you move into a new apartment you have to buy furniture. This concept was totally new to me a few weeks ago. But, I rose to the occasion and bought some things. It was less stressful than I thought it would be, and way more satisfying than I ever would have hoped.

I was lucky enough to find an ad on Craigslist put up by an architect. Awesome, right?! I just love saying that I bought furniture from an architect. He had a couch I wanted to look at, but when I got to his house I fell in love with his table, so alas I made a deal and got both!

I was also lucky enough to have a really nice sister and brother-in-law who not only let me borrow the van, but also removed the seats for me so I could have a big space to move things around. Big shout out to the Woods! And while we are doing shout-outs, I would also like to thank my roommate for coming with me (more on her later) and the awesome boys in my ward who carried my couch up our stairs and around the corner (no easy task!).

With no further adieu, may I present my first couch:

I love that it is long. I love that is has real lines and it is comfy but looks modern. And I love love the little weave pattern. 

My roommate, Stephanie loves it too. And I bet my mom is going to love my Christmas postcard collage. She sent me these and they are pretty much our only Christmas decorations. 

p.s. We rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed the couch 4 times before we sat on it. So don't be grossed out? Ok? Ok. 

Now to the table! I am pretty sure the previous owner bought this beauty at IKEA. Actually I know he did, because I saw it at the store and in the catalog. But everything is still in great condition! 

Pardon all the things on our table. We were hosting a church activity so my roommate had made tons and tons of cookies so we had to make an adorable presentation. 

I really like the spot where we put the table because I can eat breakfast with the sun creeping over the next building over and the sun kind of gets in my eyes while I eat my Frosted Mini Wheats. 
And I like that. 

Thank you Dallas Craigslist and thank you helpers! 


A Mitton said...

Purchasing furniture can be so fun and so horrid all at the same time.

So can picture hanging. Which I did this weekend (finally).

ellen said...

I love your retro couch!

melimba said...

great pics! and AWESOME finds!!!!
they look lovely... as does your cookie delights on the table.
good work.

RACHAEL said...

SUPER amazingly beautiful couch. soo lucky to find it on craigslist!! i have no such luck in alaBAMA!!