Laundry Inspiration

When I was in Jerusalem, I started to really like laundry. Maybe it is because I had so few clothes, maybe it is because they were always dirty, and maybe it is just because I liked singing in the long hallway between my room and the laundry room. Either way, it was good times.

Ever since then, laundry hasn't been much fun- mostly just a hassle. But all that changed.
Ok, not really.
But I do like it more since I moved to Dallas. And it is because I was inspired by a pin I saw on pinterest (thank you Reagan Brown Nelson).

I was intrigued by the picture because I wanted to know what it was. Then I read about it, realized it was a DIY project, and then went through my checklist of whether it was worth my time, energy, money, effort, etc. And it passed. 

So even though certain family members thought it wasn't my smartest move, I went to 3 different stores to find the ingredients to make my very own laundry detergent! 

You just grate a stick of Fels-Naptha Soap. (takes forever, but smells delicious)

Then add some borax and washing soda. 

Ta-da! I initially stored it in a tupperware, but then I splurged and bought this jar at ikea and it makes me happy every time I do laundry. If you want to read a review about it or get the step-by-step directions, here is the link


Reags said...

I actually made this about 5 months ago and I am still using the same back and have tons of left over ingredients. I love that you did this!! You're life is dreamy.

A Mitton said...

I'm curious about your time, energy, and effort checklist.