Living Arrangements

One reason I wanted to move to Texas is because I thought it was always warm. Turns out, I was wrong.

Today it was 35ยบ all day.

It wouldn't have been so terrible, but then there was a fire in my building and we had to evacuate. Meaning we spent a good while outside watching the fire trucks and the helicopters swarm around. I think it turned out to be ok because the firefighters weren't moving very quickly.
I digress. My point is that Texas is really hot and really cold.

But it's ok. I love where I live. And it's so cute that it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold or just right.

Lastly, I have been discussing a couple controversial topics today. 

#1 Skinny jeans are banned at BYU-Idaho. Interesting. Here are the details. 

#2 The Standard of Liberty Foundation. Here is their opinion about how BYU handles same gender attraction. 


emily snyder said...

LOVE the pictures of the apartment complex. I can't wait to see it and walk around - IN THE COLD - and see it for myself!

A Mitton said...

That skinny jean kerfuffle had me dying laughing at work. Only in Idaho.

Reags said...

I can't believe you are living in in the big T state.
So what was the dream about?!!