Not that anyone cares, but I really like my room. I think you can tell so much about person by the way they decorate. Last night my home teacher came over and he told us about his job. He installs internet at people's houses. All day I have been thinking of how cool that would be to see so many people's houses.

But I am sure there would be a lot of houses that have a lot of clutter or aren't clean. So then I decided to clean everything. I scrubbed my bathroom, changed my sheets, organized my shelves, and read a few chapters from my new book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I know I have talked about this book quite a few times, and Melissa has blogged about this book many, many times. Clearly we are fans of the book. And I think it is amazing how much more fun it is to keep things clean when it is decorated nice. I remember that whenever we changed around our rooms growing up, it was a big project to a new decoration re-haul because her philosophy is that if you really like the way your room looks when it is clean and everything is just-so, then you will be more motivated to keep it clean.

I still have piles where things accumulate, but I do love my room and so I am trying to be better at keeping it clean because it has such a positive impact on my mental health. In other words, some people exercise for the endorphins... and I just clean my room. Because all I get is a cramp when I exercise. I digress.

Anyway. I have had fun being creative with the few belongings I brought from Utah and some of the world's most inexpensive decorating options.

Wow. That is weird. I just put the world's largest photo of a bathroom up on my blog. 

But here is the thing. I think it is so cute and it was really nice of Lizzy and my mom to give me their old shower curtain (thanks Emily for getting it in the first place). And I finally forked out the mulah for Meyer's Clean Day soap. So I think this is worth being celebrated/ shared. 

Another thing worth celebrating... Chinese New Year! Had I prepared in advance, I would have created a gathering somewhat like this...

It would involve Melissa's chopstick lessons, orange fanta, too much shrimp for me, and Emily laughing at anything and everything Melissa says. 

 Gung Hay Fat Choy from the entire Snyder clan back in the day!


Kokka Fabrics


Melissa and I signed another fabric contract! 

Woot woot! 

So. There is a company called Kokka. They are based in Japan and they definitely have the most modern aesthetic in the quilting fabric industry. Melissa and I loved their booth at quilt market last year and we are so excited to be working with this company. 

Melissa wrote a more in-depth post about the process and other U.S. designers that work with Kokka. She knows a lot more than I do, but here are some of my favorite prints by other Kokka designers. 

We are thrilled in anticipation for another fabric adventure! 
This next line should be coming out for spring 2012. 
So get your scissors and machines ready for some fabric fun!


Lauren + William

Happy January! Just wanted to do a little shout-out and update about my dear friend Lauren.
My first day at BYU was the Sunday before school started. I had just slept in my little dorm room and was walking to church behind a group of girls. I was feeling shy so I wasn't talking to anyone. I hadn't gone to orientation so I thought I would never make a friend. 

So I am kind of hanging behind and then this tall beautiful girl in the most perfect dress says hello to me. I said hi back but we didn't really chat. It's ok because we chatted quite a bit later in the year. In fact, she introduced me to YouTube and This American Life podcast. Two things that have influenced my life quite a bit in the past 5 years. She even introduced me to a boy I almost married. 

Clearly, she has had a big impact on my life. So. When she asked me to make her wedding invitations I was quite ecstatic. I was mostly ecstatic that she was going to get married to someone she has already had a wonderful life journey with. But also excited that she wanted me to help with what I consider one of the best parts of a wedding. Basing off of our inspirations from the fabulous Anna Bond we came up with a little something like this: 

And just look how wonderful they looked on their wedding day:

So classy.
 Glad I got to be part of the magic!