Kokka Fabrics


Melissa and I signed another fabric contract! 

Woot woot! 

So. There is a company called Kokka. They are based in Japan and they definitely have the most modern aesthetic in the quilting fabric industry. Melissa and I loved their booth at quilt market last year and we are so excited to be working with this company. 

Melissa wrote a more in-depth post about the process and other U.S. designers that work with Kokka. She knows a lot more than I do, but here are some of my favorite prints by other Kokka designers. 

We are thrilled in anticipation for another fabric adventure! 
This next line should be coming out for spring 2012. 
So get your scissors and machines ready for some fabric fun!


A Mitton said...

Beautiful. I'm so excited for you. Amazing girl.

Nicole and Garrett said...

Wait, did you design these fabrics? They are amazing! I love tue matrushka one

melimba said...


Brittany said...

Congrats! You are so talented. Such a rockstar.