Lauren + William

Happy January! Just wanted to do a little shout-out and update about my dear friend Lauren.
My first day at BYU was the Sunday before school started. I had just slept in my little dorm room and was walking to church behind a group of girls. I was feeling shy so I wasn't talking to anyone. I hadn't gone to orientation so I thought I would never make a friend. 

So I am kind of hanging behind and then this tall beautiful girl in the most perfect dress says hello to me. I said hi back but we didn't really chat. It's ok because we chatted quite a bit later in the year. In fact, she introduced me to YouTube and This American Life podcast. Two things that have influenced my life quite a bit in the past 5 years. She even introduced me to a boy I almost married. 

Clearly, she has had a big impact on my life. So. When she asked me to make her wedding invitations I was quite ecstatic. I was mostly ecstatic that she was going to get married to someone she has already had a wonderful life journey with. But also excited that she wanted me to help with what I consider one of the best parts of a wedding. Basing off of our inspirations from the fabulous Anna Bond we came up with a little something like this: 

And just look how wonderful they looked on their wedding day:

So classy.
 Glad I got to be part of the magic!


melimba said...

turned out awesome! I just want to frame it, b/c it turned out so great!
you are a champ.
great work.

RACHAEL said...

they're so pretty (THE COUPLE). &I lOOOove the invites!!

Brittany said...

Lauren was in a few of my English classes at BYU--she is always so classy.

And hello, I love love love your invitation design. Do mine when the day comes?

brown_sheep said...

becca! you sugarheart. after all the wedding pomp i am finally settling down and seeing this. thank you so much again! they were mucho perfecto :) xoxo