Once upon a time, Martha Stewart paid some big bucks to get a custom typeface made by the H&FJ type foundry. They made tons of different version of the font- light, book, italics, semibold, small caps, etc. 
It turned out beautiful. They named it Archer. 

For many years, only Martha's companies could use any variation of the typeface, but guess what?! Two years, the foundry started selling it to other people. When I first learned of this (from my expert typography friend, Sara, who just happened to intern at Martha), I got excited. 
Way excited. 
Then I realized how much money it would cost to buy. Months went by... I kept checking the price to see if it had miraculously dropped. I informed my sister, Melissa. She agreed that something must be done. So we saved our pennies and finally bought this beaut of a typeface a couple months ago. 

And let me just say, it makes designing anything so much easier. I pretty much only design feminine things and I think it is just perfect. I was using it tonight and loving it. In fact, I have this little chant going through my head every time I use it...


emily snyder said...

oh my HEAVENS!!!! you are sooo legit!

Leanne said...

Hahahaha. Becca, I love you.

A Mitton said...

If I wrote something like this, I bet about 90% of the people who read my blog would think I was crazy.


Incidentally, I'm a huge fan of Archer as well. A guy in my magazine class used it last semester for his magazine and it is such a great typeface.