Today is one of those days that I just can't stop thinking about food.
Oh wait, that's everyday. Seriously people.
I am never not thinking about food.

Whenever I talk to one of those people who "don't eat breakfast..." I just think they're crazy. That is one whole meal. A big opportunity for happiness and fulfillment each day.

It's been a bit since I have posted pictures of deliciousness. Let's change that.

Shrimp is so good to me. Best way to cook it? I'm glad you asked. 
Buy the bag of frozen raw shrimp at Costco. Thaw it. Dump the shrimp into a bowl of salt water for a wee bit. Boil some water and dump the shrimp in there until they turn pink. I am pretty sure both my mom and I will never buy cooked shrimp again. Frozen and raw is the way to go. 
Also, homemade cocktail sauce is much more rewarding than the packaged stuff. Just ketchup, horseradish, and lemon juice. 

I am not a ketchup fan. In fact, I really don't like that the word is mentioned two times in one blog post. Even that is too much for me. But yet, the cocktail sauce is so delicious. 

My mother's chicken noodle soup. Never met a better one. It's the best. 

Almost as good as these folks sitting around, enjoying it all. 

Fun note: Yes, my father and I are wearing the same shirt in this photo. 
We didn't plan to both pack them but we did plan to wear them on the same day. 
Well, my dad put it on one morning so I went and changed to we could be twinsies. 


emily snyder said...

i am finally understanding your thinking about food all the time. i am finally realizing the wisdom of thinking about what i want to eat next and getting excited for it!

i love that picture around the table. i think it's one of my favorites!

Camber said...

Like. Very like.

Kelsi said...

I love this Becca! I used to choose sleeping in over eating breakfast every day. But I recently realized that I like food more than sleep.