I have finally accepted something that is a huge issue for me.
I am always cold. Unless I am stuck outside in 100° weather, then I am cold.

At work, I usually sit on my left hand and control the mouse with the right. So the right hand is a wee bit frozen all the day. I will go to the ladies room just to wash my hands with warm water to give the right hand a break.

I would love suggestions of how to be more comfortable in cooler environments... but until I figure out some major transformation, I guess I'll move to Texas. Check.

Seriously though, one of the largest reasons I moved to Texas was to escape the cold.
But even though it's nice and toasty here, the air conditioning still works.

So, what is a girl to do? I am embracing warm clothes year round. Cardigans are the best. And I keep a big-blanket-like scarf in my desk drawer. I also love leggings. A couple weeks ago, I received some negative feedback about my legging habits. But luckily it only reinforced my love for being comfortable.

So... I have lots of leggings. Brown, black, blue and white striped, black cropped, and grey. And I have seen enough women wear them, that I think I have the hang of it.

But I also love socks. And I need more positive female sock role models in my life.
My friend Lindy is the ultimate sock influence in my life. She always has fun, crazy socks that she wears with flats in the winter. It's really classy lookin.

She lives in Utah, and I live in Texas. Thus I have to find inspiration online.

Aren't those saddle shoes great? I had some when I was in elementary school and they were the best. I think I am going to be on the look out yet again. Especially if saddle shoes mean I can wear socks folded all cute like that. 


bethany jane. said...

Oh my gosh, this is the story of my life! I'm such a coldy and I hate it! That's right, coldy. I wash my hands so much just for the warm water, and I no all too well about sitting on hands. Something I've found to work well is to wear leg warmers under my pants (obviously doesn't work with skinnies). If I do that I can skip the sock and wear flats and somehow my feet stay warm. Also, your hair is adorable, so this may not be a good suggestion for you, but wearing my long hair down keeps me toasty. Do you ever drink herbal tea? I drink it kind of all day long when I'm cold, and it does the trick too. Good luck. Keep me posted on other ideas. (such cute sock pics!)

Kamera Lynn said...

i LOVE saddle shoes. i almost bought some when i was shopping for my "ugly sweater" back in december. found a perfect pair, just my size, brand new at the thrift store i was at. not buying them was pretty much one of the biggest regrets of 2011.

Anonymous said...

You might want to try drink hot ginger tea / hot red bean soup every week.

A Mitton said...

I'm with you. Freezing all the time. I've learned to switch hands with the mouse, gives the frozen hand a break.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

I am so glad someone brought this important issue to light. Socks are not a priority in women clothing lines. I need a good sock example because I too am extremely cold most of the time. Scarves are a must for me, and long sleeves that cover my wrists also do a lot. For now, my warmest days are also spent in boots or jeans that hug closer to the shin and don't flare. I was amazed at how much more heat I retain when it all doesn't just fly out the bottom of my pant legs. If you learn more about how to stay warm, please let me know!