The Wright Family

Some days I am really glad that I have a big, fun camera that can take nice pictures. I got to take some photos of my friend Danni and her family a few weeks ago. White Rock Lake was beautiful, but so were the people so it is pretty easy to make these photos look good. 

Thanks for the fun!

Long Time Gone

Great news! I found out this week that people read my blog. In fact, some people had even noticed that it had been some time since I posted. This is truth.

You see, I spend at least 8 hours a day talking about and thinking about the internet. The way people use it, the devices and browsers they access it, and what they might be looking for. Thus when I get home from work all the activities I want to do revolve around things without screens. Cooking, chatting, cleaning, laundry, walking, getting the mail (I love to get the mail), etc. 

Also. These days, I am super intrigued by the psychology of the internet, thus making me very analytical of what I put on it. I was talking to dear Lindy the other day and explaining my new iPad app that looks like and behaves like a notebook and she said, "So basically everything in your life is fake. It isn't real." Which sometimes feels true. It made me question what I do with my time and what I have to show for it. So I am glad that she made me re-evaluate and think through this TED talk a bit more. She's the best. Go Lindy! 

I have been super into this TED talk lately. If you are one of those who use the internet, I think it is a good video to watch.