Long Time Gone

Great news! I found out this week that people read my blog. In fact, some people had even noticed that it had been some time since I posted. This is truth.

You see, I spend at least 8 hours a day talking about and thinking about the internet. The way people use it, the devices and browsers they access it, and what they might be looking for. Thus when I get home from work all the activities I want to do revolve around things without screens. Cooking, chatting, cleaning, laundry, walking, getting the mail (I love to get the mail), etc. 

Also. These days, I am super intrigued by the psychology of the internet, thus making me very analytical of what I put on it. I was talking to dear Lindy the other day and explaining my new iPad app that looks like and behaves like a notebook and she said, "So basically everything in your life is fake. It isn't real." Which sometimes feels true. It made me question what I do with my time and what I have to show for it. So I am glad that she made me re-evaluate and think through this TED talk a bit more. She's the best. Go Lindy! 

I have been super into this TED talk lately. If you are one of those who use the internet, I think it is a good video to watch. 

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