Little Animals

So I have never really been a lover of animals. They are cute from a distance and I love having fish. Remember how I kept my betta fish, Coral, alive for 2 years. And I may or may not have I shed a tear when she died.

But recently I really like pictures of animals. One of my co-workers scans reddit during the day, and then passes me the filtered version of goodies. Most of them involve animals. Like, how adorable is this?

and these... 


melimba said...

awww. so cute and so cuddly! I want that penguin for my own!! :)

funny you have your coworker find you the best of the best. Aaron does that for me too.

emily snyder said...

i think you co-workers and mine must be related. i haven't fallen in love yet, but i have more appreciation. the girls will LOVE this!