My Better Half

Have I mentioned how much I love Google Reader? All of my blog subscriptions in one place, without all those annoying advertisements = pure bliss. Plus I can tag posts and categorize them just the way I like. EZPZ

One of the random blogs I follow is this one: Amanda Jane Jones. I don't really know who she is but she posts little stories called "My Better Half" which are pretty cute. Then she tells little snippets of their love story. Check out this one.

THEIR STORY (as told by Erin Jane)
I actually fell in love with Conor before I ever really met him in person. A good friend of mine gave me his number because she thought we would get along well. He was living in San Diego at the time and I was in Portland. On a whim I sent him a text. My friend was right. He quickly (and wittily) replied and we started a 2 month long text only relationship. We never spoke on the phone or met in person. It was really exciting to have a secret love interest and always receive these quirky little messages from a stranger. I told my family I was going to marry this guy I was texting. They thought I was nuts. I decided I should probably call him. The conversation was seriously awkward because we were both really nervous. We decided to meet. He flew up one day out of the blue about a week later and presented himself to me on my doorstep. I acted like a complete fool, jumping up and down and shaking my hands like a crazy person. I kissed him and we instantly became friends. We got married in 2010 and moved to Hawaii the next day. We just had our first baby a few months ago—a boy named Henry. He is beautiful!

Sounds pretty great, right? 

And as it turns out, I am not getting any younger and am most definitely single. 

So to you my readers and potential future matchmakers, feel free to dig through your contacts and find the perfect man for me. I definitely accept set-ups... just sayin. 


Heather said...

Mitch would say, "come to the Law school and take your pick." :) Smart boys, hoepful careers--thats always a plus right?

Jane Ann Fosson said...

I would say stay away from law schools! Just kidding. I am not sure I have met anyone great enough to recommend for you yet. I will have to keep a sharp eye out. Loved the post though!

bethany jane. said...

As one who got married later than I would have liked, I have to say I know exactly how you feel! Also, I have to tell you that I have LOVED the fact that we got married and already had degrees and were more mature and grown up (obviously) than we would have been at 23. It's awesome being older and newlyweds. I think you appreciate it more, since things didn't just fall into place as you'd always dreamed. Live it up (as you are) and just be happy you have this time to do exactly what you want without planning around someone else. That time will come and it will be incredible, but that is not now, so enjoy the freedom. Whoa, sorry for the novel. Much love!

melimba said...

You know I'm on this!
I agree with Jane Ann... it's finding someone good enough for you, b/c you, my dear, are a GIFT! :)
no really, though, someone's gotta be great to get you.

Great post!

emily snyder said...

i agree, i'm not sure who i think is great enough for you. i'll keep my eyes open in the younger wards. i can't wait to see you next week. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd say live your life to the fullest, let nature takes it's course. I believe in faith. Good things come to those who wait patiently & select wisely. It's your life partner, so be wise & don't force it.

Unknown said...

come live with me and we can live up the single life together!

Leanne said...

Hey, my brother's single! You'd just have to move down to AZ. :D I miss you, Becca!