My Life According to Instagram

Before I had an iPhone I was fairly bothered by instagram. I tried to put it on my iPod touch, but it wouldn't work. Then my favorite bloggers started having all of these long streams of photos that I loved. Once I got an iPhone, I definitely jumped on the band wagon and now I post on instragram almost everyday. It's pretty neat. And now looking back at the 480 photos I have taken in the past 7 months I am realizing how much has happened to me in such a short amount of time.

I am on my second roommate, and I have lived here long enough to have 3 great friends move away.

Here is the first, Stephanie.
Stephanie and I signed a contract on our apartment before I even saw it. But she seemed cool, so we went for it. She is a texture artist and was working at an effects studio. It was so great to have a fellow friend who was new to the area. I loved having someone to go to all the activities with and she was always up for exploring our new city. She went home to Utah for a break in between contracts and quite a bit happened. Her contract in Dallas fell through, she found a new opportunity in LA and got engaged! So alas, she came back and packed up her things. But she was a fun roommate while it lasted.

Trying on hats at Charmin Charlie's

Meeting up at our favorite grocery store, Central Market. 

Birthday cake and flowers

Having pizza and sushi at Whole Foods

Miss Phylicia Norris. This dear gal was the housing coordinator when I was moving in and matched me up with Steph. She was away on vacation but she still called both of us to make sure we knew about one another. Phylicia and I had some great shopping trips and she taught me all about fashion (she's a total fashionista). Sadly, she moved away to the great state of Idaho. She has been gone for a mere 2 months but has already found a husband. So awesome!

Next up, Kamera. Darling Kamera was so sweet to me on my first day visiting my ward. She made a special effort to chat it up and make sure I knew where all the classes were, etc. She has moved away to Logan for the summer. But hopefully she'll be back soon. 

P.S. Thank you for all the kind comments on the last post! Y'all are too sweet. 


emily snyder said...

amen to intagram. amen.
and crazy that 3 friends have moved away from you. oh our lives!

Ali said...

Your life looks so exciting and fun! I just need to come to Dallas.