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Being alone and loneliness is a topic I have thought a lot about lately... mostly because I moved away from almost everyone I know. It's not so bad being away from my friends and family because I talk to them on the phone and webcam consistently, I visit, they visit, we e-mail. It's good.
But the last time I went back to Utah, I realized that what I miss the most is having a lot of people around that I know. Running into old neighbors at Wal-Mart. Taking Sunday walks and chatting with people who have shared memories. Being on campus and seeing that boy from high school who I know but can't remember his name, etc. It's nice just seeing people and knowing their background and them knowing yours. It's fun.

So I have been thinking about this and then, quite conveniently, Design Mom posted about it.

I am sure I have mentioned how much I love Design Mom. She is a lovely lady who has a blog. She studied graphic design at BYU and now lives with her 6 children and husband in Normandy, France. My sister, Melissa used to tell me about her blog, but I never actually visited until her birth story was featured on Design Mom. Since then, I have been a faithful reader. Hers is the one blog authored by someone I do not know, that I always look forward to reading. She is so insightful and appreciates so many details. And even though I am not a mom, I definitely think about children and families a lot, and I get to be an aunt to the two cutest kids in Texas.

Thus I love her content, all of her content. She never ceases to have fresh ideas paired with good wholesome visuals to illustrate her concepts. She is definitely my favorite curator of the internet.

With that intro... may I present one of her recent posts...
It was about being alone. She had gone to a movie all by herself and then posted a beautiful video.

When Design Mom posted this video the comment thread totaled to 64. It was interesting to read everyone's thoughts. Most of them, being moms, yearned for more alone time as a break from their children. But a few posted about how loneliness can be a necessity and sometimes it's hard.

Here is the video:

Isn't it great? I just loved it. Not only does she have a great talent for rhyming, but she says some real noble things.  My favorite line, "Because if you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed and alone is ok." 


madeline said...

needed that. yep. lets be skype buds. puh-leez.

SJ said...

Wow. She says things so well.

emily snyder said...

there are sooo sooo many times i have realized that i love being my own best friend. i love that she did this and that you shared it!