Simple Happiness

Yesterday was a near perfect day. As I was driving home from work, I kept thinking about little moments of my life when I just pause and think, "Ok, this is the epitome of happiness."

I thought back about how my definition of happiness changes from each age and I am sure it will continue to keep changing. Here are a few I wrote down...

As a toddler: 
As we were driving away from our old house in California, my mom gave me a new gift. Right when I got in the car, she handed me this beaut. The Talk n' View Magic Mirror. I would talk and Belle would talk back to me. Loved that thing. 

In kindergarten:
I was in the morning class in kindergarten. When I got home I would eat lunch with my mom. I remember one day coming home and feeling a little tired. So she propped me up on the couch (the light brown one with the dark brown polka dots) and then she asked what I wanted for lunch. I said, "Ham with miracle whip and lettuce." My favorite. She brought it to me on the couch and let me chow down in the living room. So nice that Denise. 

Elementary School: 
In 3rd grade, I was in Mrs. Closson's class. I remember one recess when Johanna Hoover, Jane Ann Patch, and I were on this weird monkey bar situation that was by the swings. We were at the top and started singing "Roll To Me" by Del Amitri. We knew every single word and just looked back and forth at each other smiling and singing. It was great. 

6th Grade:
My class in 6th grade was really tight. We all played at recess together and included everyone in our class. I remember the first time we played kickball. Two boys were team captains and they each chose a few boys (the best athletes in the class). And then one of them picked me to be on their team. Even before most of the other boys were picked! 

Also in 6th grade, my soccer team, the Alpine Attackers won the U12 tournament. We played against Hobble Creek Storm, our rivals from Mapleton. We had been playing their team the past few years and we were very evenly matched. Sometimes they would win, sometimes we would win and we always went back and forth. But on the tournament final in the back of Mountain Ridge Junior High, we won in a shoot-out. Don't know if I have felt as much anxiety in a game as I did then. We were absolutely thrilled. The next year our team all split up, most left the team for dance and cheer and a few of us went on to play club soccer, but that was definitely my favorite soccer experience. Sure helped that my dad was the coach :)

Junior High:
The moment around 8pm on a weeknight when I would be chatting on MSN messenger with a crush and he told me he liked me. I probably thought life could never get better... and then he sent me a winking emoticon. ;)

High School:
I had been working on an American Identity paper to sum up all that I had learned in English and history my sophomore year. When I got my paper back with the second best score in the class, that was happiness. I was relieved, grateful, and really proud of all my work. 

Driving down State Street back to Provo after eating strawberries and cream at the Strawberry Days concert in Pleasant Grove. Windows down. Summer breeze pouring through. Sarah Pugmire in the front seat. Blasting "Airplanes" by B.O.B. 

Leaving a design class with a really good critique from the art department head about my book illustration. 

Wearing a new shirt at work with fresh flowers and penant flags decorating my space. Sipping my home-made fruit smoothie out of my monogrammed thermos, all while positioning web sprites with CSS positioning (Missy Higgin's "Unashamed Desire" blasting in the back of course.)

On this note, I just finished watching a really great documentary by PBS. It is called This Emotional Life. Here is the 4 minute preview:

There is an interview at the end where the interviewee lists off the perfect moment to him and what/ who it involves. It's a nice reminder about what is really important.

I just loved it. And I highly recommend it. (Plus it is on Netflix.)


melimba said...

You go, girl. Love this post. Love all the happy memories you listed. I can't wait to watch that series.
So glad you had such a happy day!

emily snyder said...

i loved the walk down memory lane - it amazes me that we can be family and never know the small details of each other's lives that make us who we are.

i would LOVE to see a picture of you in your new shirt and your fresh flowers at work please!

is that from missy higgins new album??

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Love this post! I had to look that song up, but it all came flooding back! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Go Alpine Attackers!

Anonymous said...

lovely story...do u still have the talk n view toy? If u do please send me an email at nbniceguy6@gmail...thank you :)