Texas Round Up April 2012

I played Draw Something for about a week and gave up. But I did love my little drawing of the Beatles. 

new sandals for Texas weather

lawn mower lines at my apartment

candy from mom to share with my co-workers

getting stuck in Mesquite 

gave up soymilk after one try

love making falafel 

birthday flowers from my parents

life changing cup. I have it with me always

love my little life

home made bouquets for my co-workers

flying home to my mountains

walking in the tunnels at BYU 

seeing the posters I made displayed at the JFSB exhibition

lil Alpine scooter ride

Tibble Fork with the family

my mom made a fresh blackberry pie for my post-birthday celebration

visiting Lindy and her adorable son, Wayne

meetin up with Jesse in SLC

back in Texas, using my birthday gift from Melissa

Ben Folds concert in Fort Worth

accidentally left the flash on. Oops! Too distracted by Ben's amazing skills

Chihuly exhibit at the arboretum

do you spy any Lone Peak gals in this photo?

apartment redecoration

painting my sketchbook


Reags said...

Good times in the becca life.

Lauren said...

I love you becca. Miss you my friend