Texas Round Up February & March 2012

Initially I planned on organizing my photos all cute, the way my dear friend Brittany does. She even explained her process of using her photos and putting them in photoshop with little white borders. But I definitely use photoshop all day everyday, so don't be offended. But I opted out of making them look super classy. Go blogger!

The view of Northpark from my break room.
I did a double take on a stormy day thinking those clouds were mountains. Nope :( 

shopping with Phylicia

I never refuse cupcakes. Can sprinkles be any more classy?

I love all whataburger packaging

sweet theatre for a musical downtown with Briana

visiting the corner bakery cafe with Steph

visiting Kate at work, Anthropologie Valentine event

gave out Justin Bieber valentines this year. no shame, no shame.

love potion at Dani & Liza's valentine party

bike shopping

bike purchasing

super cross tournament in the cowboy stadium with Chris

fabulous concession stand at Cowboy stadium

kate arranges the loveliest dinner parties

new shoes for Matilda

Tillie sporting her new shirt from Auntie Emily

key lime tarts at work

room mate's birthday

completed paper towel art

Dallas Farmer's market

White Rock Lake

I love having the missionaries for dinner! 

work space... aka stairway to heaven


new fabric for a crazy quilt

St. Patricks Day parade down Greenville with Mike

Rainy Days fabric featured in Parenting Magazine (good find Lindy!)

best grocery store ever. 

learning about fajitas from the natives

preparing Relief Society lesson

my new city!

Dallas art distric

mango teriyaki lettuce wraps 

Top Golf at lunch with the co-workers is a new favorite activity

ward activity. obviously the fire was created by texan cowboys

General Conference brunch

downtown scooter gang


melimba said...

and the hits keep on coming!
BEAUTIFUL shots. And you are really good at taking photos of food. How you do that, stinky?
Loved it all.
and you are right, that first shot out your office window DOES look like there are mountains!?! CRAY CRAY!

love you.
love all the memories you are making in the state where dreams come true.

don't know where that last statement came, but the Texas tourist bureau can use it. Go me.

emily snyder said...

beautiful!! i am loving all the fun things you are doing - and the fun foods! who knew that dallas is where it's happening! i just may need to get there sooner than later .. .

A Mitton said...

Wait. Is Tillie the same baby girl that was born when we were in Jerusalem? When did she get so big??