Texas Round Up January 2012

I got my iPhone pretty soon after I moved to Texas. Which is a real lucky coincidence! Because I certainly take more pictures with my phone than I ever took with my other camera. I love instagram, but I thought I would save my visual record here.

Warning: Photo Overload!

December & January 2012

Horses in the Dallas Police Trailer.
Even our cops ride horses. 

Central Market pizza crust has changed my life. 

homemade soup for winter chills

Great structure, even better smile. 

Cowboy Dancing, complete with denim shirt and braids. 

my brother Jesse discovered this little
wonder in the Wal-Mart parking lot

weekly floral arrangements at work

decorations for a baby shower at work

babysitting the cutest kids

this little delight looks like a J Crew model

cute little red nose

craft project with paper towel rolls

(Don't worry mom, those are IBC bottles in the background. )

the shopping center across from my office

Anthropologie jeans are out of my price range,
but who doesn't love 100% elastic?!

helping Chris with his paper route

fancy hair for the regional YSA gala 

yes, junior high friends, this is indeed
my dress from the 9th grade night dance.
just can't let go of those velvet flowers...

1 comment:

melimba said...

I love that you are in "round up" mode too! (great texan phrase, by the way!!)
I loved seeing all these delights! And, amazing that you are 23 and your dress from the 9th grade night dance STILL fits you. Amazing!!
Love these pics. Keep it up, home dawg!