Silhouette Wedding Design

And more weddings! I tell ya people, my fridge has been covered all summer with announcements and it has been golden. A few weeks, I sent out 10 wedding packages and felt pretty pumped about it. 

My first summer wedding excitement came when I got an email from my dear pal Madeline, who has a friend that was getting married and liked what I had done for Lauren a bit ago. 
She had some fun ideas and this is what we came up with...

The groom is from California and she is from New York, hence the unique skylines with the heart in the middle. I'll be honest, I was a little worried about the idea of having the Y on the mountain with a little heart on a formal invitation. But by the end, it was my favorite part. 

She initially wanted to have these letter-pressed, but I was a little concerned about timing. Luckily for me, Robert Buchert saved the day. He was my letterpress professor at the Y and I have always wanted to have him print something for a project. As expected, it was perfect. 

The letter press process is super tricky and he even had to make multiple impressions on the paper because the illustrations were so thick and blocky and the text is so thin and light. He did them fast and for an AMAZING price. He even had RSVP envelopes in the matching lettra paper we needed. So to any of my designer friends who see this post, I definitely recommend Tryst Press

I tried to take a few close-ups so that y'all can see the indentations in the text. 

They were married in the New York temple, so I thought it would be nice to have a little silhouette of the temple. It was pretty fun to recreate the angel Moroni with my pen tool. 

So there it is, the season of weddings. I still have two more weddings to attend this season, but the majority are complete and I'm thrilled for all my new married friends! 


Summer 2012

warning: This is another one of those really long posts with a photo dump. I've decided that this blog is my new personal history bookish thing, since I am not the most consistent at journaling these days. So here we go!

This year I am not going to school, but I still feel a different energy since so many people are starting school. My friends at church are going back to their graduate programs, some friends are applying to BYU, little sister Lizzy is starting her junior year of high school, Sarah Jane is starting her first year as a real teacher, and my sweet niece Matilda is going to start pre-school. 

To quote a post I read on facebook: 
"I keep feeling like I'm going back to school or starting something new in my life tomorrow too... And then I keep remembering, No, Becca. You're going back to work same as you have every week for the last several months."

With no further adieu, here is my summer. It included...

home made awards for the indexing award show

This is how tacos are done in Texas. Goat cheese, pico, potatoes, steak, eggs. Delicious. 

pretending to be a pinterest model

Snyder's Furniture! 

Love the lists on the iPad. I spend more time using Reminders than any other app. 

always loving those Central Market flowers

Vietnamese lunch outings with my co-workers 

this little one loves his hats

Melissa's home made granola

Tillie's drawing of her and I.
(I am on the left with those adorable spiral curls. She thought of that all by herself.)

at my apartment

my friend Danelle saw SEAN from the Bachelorette at Velvet Taco. So exciting! 


Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art block party

new bowl

you never know what you will see on Lower Greenville

sewing penant flags for birthday celebrations

driving on the new bridge in Dallas

this little guy made it all the way up to the 15th floor at my office. 

cookin' fancy on a Wednesday 

got called to the activities committee at church

Found this funny pic on instagram by Alexis of me teaching the relief society lesson

Chillin' at my favorite Rusty Taco. I could marry that queso. 

Melissa took this picture of my parents sleeping at church. Awesome. 

my new Toyota dealership. You know you live in Texas when they use a belt buckle for their logo.

Found this great comic about Costco. 

We do the advertising for Chick-Fil-A so we celebrated the dress-like-a-cow day. 

So remember that one time when they have crazy storms in Texas? Well I do. 
Earlier this year, we had some tornadoes. You may recall seeing semis thrown through the air just near Dallas? We had to all gather in the stairwells of our building for a bit. When you work on the level 15 in a 20-story building made of glass, you definitely listen to the security officers when they tell you to pack up and gather in the center. I was a little concerned about my car so I ran outside and parked it in a parking garage across the street. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the smartest move. There were sirens all around and no one was outside. But I was just walking around with my laptop in my backpack in the rain. 

Needless to say, I learned my lesson the second-go around. A few weeks later, I had just finished cooking a bowl of spaghetti and it began to rain. It was light at first and then got heavier and heavier, until it was hailing. I have lived through hail storms before so I thought, hey can't be that bad. 
I looked at the weather report online and saw that Dallas was having severe thunderstorm warning and some had reported baseball sized hail. Wow! I scrambled to the door and ran to my car (which is not in covered parking.) I decided that I would just move my car under someone else's canopy and just stay inside until the storm passed. But suddenly there were 5 other cars in my lot all trying to get into 1 open spot under the canopy. I was nearly hit, but decided to back away and let the other cars fight for the space. I found a big tree and parked under there so that it could block some of the hail. 

By this point it was really coming down. Car alarms were sounding everywhere, people were running into their cars, driving on top of the grass to get to some protection. I wanted to go back inside to finish my spaghetti but I didn't have shoes on and I was worried I would slip or the hail would hit my head and I would pass out or something crazy like that. So I instead made a recording.

When the storm finally ended, I went outside to assess the damage. Five cars in my parking lot had shattered windshields (including my room mate's). Even the people who had covered their roofs with blankets had broken windshields. And almost everyone's car was covered in little tiny dents. It was so sad. There were a few bonding moments with my neighbors as we shared stories and insurance tips. But lo and behold, when I inspected my own car there were only 3 little dents. I don't know how it happened but the little Matrix pulled through. I felt like a proud parent as I wiped off all the leaves. I was really lucky. 

When I went home this summer, I was excited to have my inaugural jump into the pool. 
So I got up on the slide and yelled, "The first slide jump of the summer!" (I was trying to be like Santa in Polar Express.) I was hoping it would be a big ceremony, but my parents weren't coming outside fast enough, so my brother-in-law took a photo. If you can see my face, you can tell that I am pretty darn happy. 

Even though it's soo hot in Texas, my office is freezing. My mom takes a baby blanket to church every week that Lizzy and I like to use, so I figured hey, I could make one for work. This was the final result.  I have been much warmer ever since, and the fabrics just make me real happy. 

Baby Calvin is not looking like a baby anymore. Melissa took this photo of him playing at the new house and I think he is just too cute and growing up too fast! 

Although it probably seems small, the biggest life-altering change that happened to me this summer was getting a parking garage pass. I finally have worked here long enough that I have earned a spot. I don't have to walk as far to my car now, and my little white matrix stays nice and cool. 

I got my new glasses last summer. I had a hard time deciding which frames, I wanted. My mom really pushed for the circular, camel frames. She kept saying, "Oh, they're just so you, Bec!" 
This summer, my mom decided to get matching frames. AWESOME. Twinners! 

One of my favorite pastimes is setting up the centerpiece on my glass table. Baby's breath for $3 at Central Market never ceases to disappoint. 

Farmer's market finds

visiting teaching / birthday sushi

Alliums in the office! 

trolley ride in uptown

The fabulous Cochran's of Studio 111  took our family pictures when we were all in town this summer. It has probably been a decade since we have had a photographer take our pictures. My dad always says, "We have nice cameras, we can take good pictures." But let's be honest, we aren't professional portrait photographers and we can only do so much with a Canon remote. Luckily, we convinced our parents that it was time for a professional. We love every photo they took! And let's be honest, my new profile picture on Facebook has pretty much changed my life. Since I posted it a month ago, I have had 72 likes and 23 comments. Talk about validation! 

Utah sunset from the airplane. I sure miss those mountains every time I leave. 

Funny story. My mom really likes cold things. She is passionate about ice and her new pebble ice  maker. When she eats her breakfast cereal, she needs cold milk. So awhile ago she started adding ice cubes to her cereal. 
When she did it when I was home, I said: WAIT. Let me take a picture real quick.
Mom: Why? So you can make fun of me on the internet? 
Me, once I stopped laughing: Touche. Touche, mother. 

So just so we all know, I am not making fun of my mom. I am celebrating and attributing my love of cold beverages to my mother. I think it is awesome that she goes to great lengths to make her meals delicious and refreshing. 

Lizzy and I planned on having a sleepover in the backyard on the trampoline all summer. But, every night we were going to do it- something came up. The sprinklers had been on during the day so the tramp was wet, it would be raining, I would have to wake up at 6 am the next day, or their were going to be landscapers in the yard at 7 am. So we finally gave up and had our own indoor sleepover, complete with matching pajama pants and mint nail polish. 

As always, I am working on my solid colorful quilt. I finally decided that the front will be rectangles and squares. And the back will only have triangles! 

So there's a snippet of the summer. Happy fall to y'all!