Melissa (Melimba)

Another birthday! My dear sister Melissa was born this day years ago. For her present this year I decided to give her something intangible. It wasn't babysitting or an eBook or a really good conversation. I wanted to give her something that she would really like for a few years, that no one else could give her.

Still stumped?
I made her a website!

I wanted to experiment with a new layout and responsive web design. It doesn't really function exactly how I wanted it to, but I think it's really fun.

Melissa is a great artist. She studied painting and drawing in school and has since produced hundreds of designs. I wanted her to have somewhere to feature her portfolio and bio. She makes patterns, prints, stationery, and other delights. She can draw anything and I just love every color palette she chooses.

Because she was away from her computer this summer, I went through her blogs, my email account, etsy shop, to collect photos of her projects. It was a fun process to go through all the photography and the image files and see how many hundreds of people she has inspired and lifted with her little paper delights.

She has taught me so much of what I know and love about design and art. I would never have majored in design if it weren't for her leading example. She has a knack for finding and appreciating anything and everything that is lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy. I am so glad I got to collect her treasures and display for the viewers on the world wide web.

Happy birthday Melissa!

P.S. Melissa is having a birthday giveaway on her blog today. Check it out!


emily snyder said...

talk about the greatest presents you could give miss and me! it blows me away how you are so intuitive and right on for gifts and how to show you can. i love the website. i love miss. i love you!!

melimba said...

:) gracias.
Oh, and perfect picture at the top.

Unknown said...

ok. BEST GIFT EVER!! and im ready to pay you a million dollars to get a site up and running for me. loved what you did! and she is so talented and amazing! i loved so many of the illustrations and the cards!