Sarah Jane Ties the Knot

Just yesterday, I spoke to my dear friend Sarah Jane en route home from her honeymoon. She got married last weekend and I (luckily) got to be there for all of the festivities. 

In case you're new to my blog or my life, here is a little background on my friend Sarah Jane. 

We met a couple times in a random ward in Provo. We reunited at the Jerusalem Center and since then we've been roommates or at least lived in the same building mates since then, we've been to Boston, Rhode Island, St. George, lots of concerts, ward activities, family outings, and double dates. We've spent hundreds of hours talking on the phone analyzing our jobs, our lives, movies, our doctrine, and the boys we interact with. She's taught me to ask questions and care about other people. She is just great. 

So that is the backstory. The new story is that she is now a married woman. Last week, she married a fabulous man, Colin, who is a compatible match for her in every way. Here are few of the details:

The announcements I got to make with Sarah's art direction. 
They were printed on cream linen paper with gold foil stamp. Keepin' it classy. 

The two of us right after the ceremony.

Getting set up for the photographer. How cute are those outfits for her 26 nieces and nephews?! 
Sarah made all the little floral wreaths for the darling girls. 

Sarah & her sisters made some great signs to guide people. 

This backyard is a real dream. 

Lines for the photo booth. 
So glad I got to take a picture in the photo booth with Sarah DURING the reception! 

The lovely floral arrangements. 

The cake. I didn't get a close-up, but it had lovely little lace trim. 
And Sarah Jane made the paper garland in the trees. 

The treat table with so many fun gummies, cookies, and frozen yogurt toppings. 
(She also made the table runner. Talk about DIY.)

Cookies were heavenly. Check out the gorgeous mint chocolate in the back. 

My family came up for the fun too! They love Sarah just as much as I do. 

In conclusion...
I wish I had more pictures, but most of the shots I took are on Sarah Jane's fancy camera. When I came home, many of my co-workers kept asking me how my trip was to Utah. I would sigh, smile, and say, "It was wonderful! I really don't think it could have been any better." It was one of those weekends where I felt perfectly happy. I didn't even know that I could feel so much joy for a friend. So here's to marriages and friendships! Grateful I get to be your friend, Mrs. Mackey. 


melimba said...

What a sweet post about a girl we all hold dear to our hearts. Such a lovely tribute. So happy you got to be a part of her special weekend.
PS, I love how you wrote (after a few paragraphs) ok, this is starting to sound like a love story. Ha! I thought the same thing at that point. Really, all in all, sounds like a winning friendship.
Good work.

A Mitton said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted about this. I was sad I wasn't in town.

Unknown said...

so wonderful. love this. love you both.