Silhouette Wedding Design

And more weddings! I tell ya people, my fridge has been covered all summer with announcements and it has been golden. A few weeks, I sent out 10 wedding packages and felt pretty pumped about it. 

My first summer wedding excitement came when I got an email from my dear pal Madeline, who has a friend that was getting married and liked what I had done for Lauren a bit ago. 
She had some fun ideas and this is what we came up with...

The groom is from California and she is from New York, hence the unique skylines with the heart in the middle. I'll be honest, I was a little worried about the idea of having the Y on the mountain with a little heart on a formal invitation. But by the end, it was my favorite part. 

She initially wanted to have these letter-pressed, but I was a little concerned about timing. Luckily for me, Robert Buchert saved the day. He was my letterpress professor at the Y and I have always wanted to have him print something for a project. As expected, it was perfect. 

The letter press process is super tricky and he even had to make multiple impressions on the paper because the illustrations were so thick and blocky and the text is so thin and light. He did them fast and for an AMAZING price. He even had RSVP envelopes in the matching lettra paper we needed. So to any of my designer friends who see this post, I definitely recommend Tryst Press

I tried to take a few close-ups so that y'all can see the indentations in the text. 

They were married in the New York temple, so I thought it would be nice to have a little silhouette of the temple. It was pretty fun to recreate the angel Moroni with my pen tool. 

So there it is, the season of weddings. I still have two more weddings to attend this season, but the majority are complete and I'm thrilled for all my new married friends! 


Heather said...

I love these announcements Becca! They look fantastic. You have such a creative mind, I love it.

emily snyder said...

beautiful!!! how do you DO THIS!?!

Unknown said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!!! why didn't i have you do mine?!?!!! maybe a blog banner someday :)

Unknown said...

Those are really cute!!! seriously, I really love them!

Natalie Grace said...

Wow. Wow. I am so impressed.