Texas Round Up May 2012

Let's talk about my favorite weekend pastime. Melissa and I like to take the kids to the farmer's market Saturday mornings. It's sad because her husband works on Saturday mornings so he doesn't get to join in the fun. But we just love it there. We have bought honey from the guy in this first picture. We get poundcake samples. And we always buy sourdough bread and croissants from the Village Baking Co.  Everything they make is delicious and I think their business model is adorable. They make bread on the weekends and sell it to all the farmers market's in the area. When they are out, they are out. They even have a band that plays. I have added a little video for your viewing pleasure... and mine.

Let's talk about the awesome people I get to work with. I really am so glad that I love my job so much. Before I started, I was nervous about having a full-time job. But it has turned out to be more fun than I could have even hoped for. 

The guy who hired me, Matt, is awesome. I referred to him as my "sensei" because he taught me sooo much. He is a big advocate of responsive design. ...Meaning that whatever website you are on has a good layout no matter what your browser dimensions are. So say you are working on a big monitor and a website looks golden. Then you make your browser window really small because you have a lot of things you are working on at once. If the developer of the site has made it responsive, then the content will automatically re-arrange itself based on your new browser window size. This is really important right now with mobile usage because the browser dimensions on your phone is tiny. You need different content on your phone then you would on a desktop. Without going into all the nitty gritty... Matt always encouraged us to design and develop for mobile first. And then as you expand your site, you can start thinking of more stuff to put into it. 

Long description. Anyway, he moved to New York to take another job and so on his last day I presented with a blue ribbon. I told him he should wear it when he speaks at developer conferences. 

Another fabulous thing I love about work... We all love food. A few folks started a fun tradition called Food Truck Fridays. Delish!

We also have a band. It is called "Clique Hear" based off of our company name "Click Here." We had a company wide concert as a benefit for the Home Team, a group from Home Depot (our client) that builds a house for someone in need. The band played 4 songs and I got to sing back up on one of the songs! 

Someone needs to work on their stage presence...

A few gals put this beauty together as a going away cake for one of our co-workers. Chocolate cake with oreo crumbs make the patty, yellow cake with beige frosting makes the bun, fondant as the cheese,  and little gummies for the details. 

I have been using the decorations in my office to make little birthday cards. 

And now for the rest of the random adventures I documented in the month of May. By adventures, I pretty much mean the pretty things I saw...

New favorite idea: going to quilt stores and taking pictures to be wallpapers for my phone. 

Adorable little marble tiles from my co-worker's remodel

using my Melimba stationery by Melissa

Mike's birthday at Rusty Taco (which included a bite of each taco on the menu)

dinner at Lake Ray Hubbard with some friends

Texas Rangers game (how great are those lawn mower patterns? )

Emily's boss released his new book

She gave me a signed copy. I love the Thank You about Em in the back. 


Matilda's dance concert

Calvin wanted to get in on the dancing too.
They did a lovely waltz near the Wal-Mart checkout.

bird houses near White Rock Lake

Typography inspiration at Stake Conference

Funny story. Jill and I wanted to convince our friend Magen to come to a party.
So we sent a text message with her this picture to prove that we were having fun. After we sent it, we realized that Robert was reading a book in the back -- ha, maybe evidence that not everyone was enjoying the party like we were.

this made me mad. I'm over it now and I have a $10 gift card to prove it. 

packing for the weekend trip to Sea World! 

Although it appears like I am trying to capture a photo of this lady's lovely hat,
I am in fact trying to capture the lil' Baby Beluga tail just north east of her hat. 

Mama Shamu with baby. Too cute

I gathered the gang for the Memorial Day symphony concert. So fun! 

bulk spices at Central Market

family fun at the arboretum


Natalie Grace said...

Oh my goodness - your blog makes me so happy.
I love it.

Anonymous said...

wowza. epic long post. love it.

ps. i don;t think i ever told you how AMAZING the inventation you made for Sarah Fairweather and Alec was. LOVED IT!!!...I saved it.