Boston Public Library

One of my co-workers went to Boston a few weeks ago and when he got back, we talked about how much he loved Boston Public Library. When I was living with Emily last summer, I loved going to the library because it is so big and beautiful and has free internet for the public. I just came across some of the photos on my hard drive of the library that I took while I was there.

Ate my lunch and read a book here for few hours

Ok, now comes the good part. Last summer I started noticing that lots of people were doing little self portraits of themselves. I thought, yes of course, I need one too. And what better location than a beautiful library on a clouded rainy day? I remember that there was a tour group right outside of this room and I wanted them to move along so I could take my self-portrait. I patiently waited for them to leave. Then I went in this room, set up the camera, and took this shot. 

Time out. How did I think this was going to be a good pose? First ballet position in the feet, and my hands look like I am showing my mom a wedding dress. Oh no. 

Photo shoot #2
Emily and I were driving around some small town on a Saturday morning in Massachusetts, possibly Pembroke. I saw this sign and told her to stop. My dear friend, Malinda, goes by Lindy. So I needed to take a picture for her. This one turned out ok. 

But as I was headed back to the car, this man was confused. He thought we had stopped because I wanted a picture with him. So of course, Emily told me to just smile rather than explain. Here is the result... Warning. This is probably the biggest smile I have ever had on camera. She caught the nose and everything. Good work, Em. 

And while we're on the topic. I saw this little gem on my hard drive as well. Sarah Jane must have taken it on April Fool's day when we were "snowed-in" to our apartment. Rather than wreck the masterpiece, we just put a bench outside of our window and climbed out that way. I remember that I had to meet my dinner group that night, but I was late because we were taking pictures of our door. So I must have been in a real hurry to get there. 

But oh my. What is this outfit? Cream jeans, grey shirt, my all-time favorite jumper (that Melissa bought at Goodwill for her first pregnancy), my pink cardigan (that I bought from Sally Dowse at the Lone Peak Chamber choir garage sale), my cream jeans, thick white Costco socks, and my favorite Hawaiian sandals (stolen from my mom's closet). 

I know you're not supposed to really post photos of yourself looking less than flattering. But with such unique photos like this, who could pass up this opportunity?
So next time you don't like your outfit. Think of me wearing my plaid jumper running with my plate and mug to grab some grub.  
And I am sure you'll feel good soon. 


Unknown said...

this is my favorite. reminds me of my "redhead" picture...


Ali said...

I love all these pictures of you! So great. Goofy pictures are always the best pictures.

A Mitton said...

Gah, those BPL ones made me cry. Especially the green-lamped room, I spent hours in that room . . .

emily snyder said...

i thought we had rules about you making me LAUGH OUT LOUD AT WORK!!!!
you crack me up!!

melimba said...

Hahaha! I loved reading this post. Your portraits are such a delight!! The one with you and the old man? Frame worthy. So funny. Now THAT is a happy Becca!! Love them all.