Pretend I am Oprah for a second, and listen to me share one of my favorite things:


I love them so much. In fact, since I have started my job the use and importance of a favicon (and Mormonism) has been the topic I have debated the most.

Unfamiliar with favicons? Well let me tell you what they are.
The word is a combination of favorite and icon. They are tiny little square images that are 16 pixels by 16 pixels. They are not a JPG or a PNG, but an icon file that is saved as an .ico file. They are used as branding / bookmarking on websites. They go next to the title of the webpage if you have a tab open. Like so:

You also may have noticed them here in your bookmarks bar:

The reason I love them is because I am a heavy tab-user. I always have at least 8 tabs open with music, email, and projects I am working on. When I am jumping from one tab to another, I am usually skimming the text but my eye is focused on the favicon. 

Which brings me to my purpose. I love Google Reader. I subscribe to all of my favorite blogs on google reader and organize them by their categories: friends, design, fabric, food, and inspirational. 
This is what my DESIGN category looks like: 

This is what my FRIEND category looks like.

Clearly, my friends folder doesn't have a lot of personality in the favicon department.
I want to change this. 
So if you want me to make you a favicon for your blog, let me know and I will send you a little .ico file of something you want. But I'll be honest, the most frustrating part about making things for other people is all of the back and forth. Like, let's look at this shade of pink or change that font, or make that a jagged edge instead of a curved edge, etc. I don't want to have a lot of back and forth here so in this case, I will take your suggestions of what you want, spend 15-20 minutes making something and then send it to you and hopefully you love it because I probably won't change it if you don't. I still love you, but I want to make lots of these for all the readers I love, rather than one favicon that one person likes. 

I have never added favicons to blogs others than a google Blogger blog, but it is super easy to add on your own. So, no worries there. 

Because the image is so tiny, it is good to have just a few details in the image but nothing too complicated. Here are some of my favorites:

 I think it is a little weird to use a photograph for a favicon, but Martha Stewart seems to get to do whatever she wants. 

Here are a few sites with favicon examples: Smashing Magazine  Sitepoint  

Happy favicon day to you! 


Heather said...

Becca--this totally reminds me of Jerusalem when you decided to personalize everyone's backpacks so we could tell them apart. I think mine was probably the second one you did after your own (one of the million pros to being your nook mate)And you did a flower on mine. So could I have a flower again? Any flower, any color--I'm not picky. You are the best! my email is mcclellan.hh@gmail.com

Shara said...

I love favicons, too, even though I didn't know that's what they're called! I want a favicon! I have no idea what I want... But I want one! Maybe an N for Nellys? I dunno. But I totally trust your judgment if you want to make me one!

Unknown said...

i wish you knew how excited i was right now. ... !!!!! and i wore my black little sweater that you embroidered for me the other day!!! my heart swelled. you are the best. i'm envious of your talents but i'm so glad you have them and use them how you do!!! since my blog is "peach &simple" maybe a cute peach or something?! you get creative. but i like quirky and different. not like a boring peach colored peach like everything else. ohhh i'm excited! YAY :) i like small black and white polka dots. IDK. i like your style and all your designs you've ever done so do whatever you feel!!! <33333333

Jessica Lynn said...

chhh Becca. I want one! Because I knoooow you faithfully read my blog. I don't even care what you make it look like, just because this is so exciting I don't care! My blog is dear void and it has a gold theme going with it. I can give you ideas if you neeeed them, but I trust your favicon making skillz. Also, I had no idea what a favicon was. I'm technologically/design-ly stunted. It's fine. Mmmmk. That's all. My email is jbod97@gmail.com, clever I know. YOU DA BEST. come back to utah.

Hilary Lemon said...

We are the Lemons. So. :D

This is so cool! You are so very talented, m'dear. My email is hilarywlemon@gmail.com, and our blog is somelemons.blogspot.com.

emily snyder said...

i want one!!!!!!!

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Yes please! What a cool, awesome thing to offer your friends! So excited! I can't wait to see what you come up with for our blog! (Note, the cheesy title is definitely something that may change at some point.)

Ali said...

Becca, that is so cool! I always think about those and wonder how people get them. I would love one! You're so cool.


Lindsay said...

Hilary sent me over because she knows my blog could use some serious graphic design love (sadly, more than in just the favicon category). Perhaps this 16x16 square of pixels will motivate me to give my blog a face lift! What a fun thing--thanks for doing this!


melimba said...

Hello, Oprah! So generous! Luckily, you've already made me two of them. What a great pal you are!! Hip hip!!

Unknown said...

Hello, good friend of Rachael (Mulder)'s... she sent me here for a favicon. Had no idea what a "favicon" was but now I do & am itching for one. If you're still up for it, I'd love one.
Blog: nicki-tyler.blogspot.com
Email: nickidunn@hotmail.com

"Tempest in a Teapot" is the name of my blog. So anything along those lines would be cute.


Shawndel said...

Hi, I am a friend of Hilary and I would love a fancy letter S for my blog. A pretty green (anything but seaform) background with a white letter S that stand out and is fun. Not just Comic sans or Ariel font.

Thank you so much!

A Mitton said...

Umm, I keep seeing these pop up on everyone's blogs (Heather, Ali) and it makes me jealous, haha. I totally thought the same thing as Heather, it's like the JC backpacks. Could I have a mitten again? Or a lowercase A in a slab serif font. You choose, whatever you think is best. I totally trust you.