My Country

Yesterday morning I was telling a co-worker about this new cutting board at Target. I was explaining how I had seen it online. I love that it is a wooden cutting board with dark blue edges, but most importantly it is in the shape of America. I told Sarah, "I think I need it because I just love America!"

I didn't end up buying the cutting board, but I do love that shape. It's the perfect size. It's big but it has detailed and unexpected edges. She's a beaut. 

The 4th of July is such a favorite for me and this year I felt a little jipped because of an untimely natural disaster (more on that later this week). I didn't spend the holiday thinking about my beautiful country, something I am used to doing. I like putting out a flag and saying the pledge of allegiance to myself. Sometimes I wish that there was a time of day when all Americans have to stand up and say the pledge everyday, like we did in grade school. 

I love America and I love the space. Last year when I was driving to move to Texas, I couldn't believe that I just got to drive and drive for so long. We drove for 3 days and we still only covered a small portion of this great nation. No one stopped us, no one cared that we crossed state boundaries, and no one asked us for any proof of residence. We have soo much space that we are just free to traverse. 

I love that there are so many different cultures in America. I have only lived in Texas for a year, but it is completely and totally different than Utah which is different than New York, which is different than California, which is must different from Virginia.

This morning I listened to a September 11th tribute on the radio, followed by a lovely rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee." I still don't know why the terrorist attacks had to happen and I don't know enough about foreign policy to have an opinion on how best to handle it. But I do know that I am so lucky to live in the United States of America.

When the attack happened, I was in junior high. My friend Kelsey, who I grew up with, was always composing piano songs. We would always take a break from playing as young girls and go listen to her latest songs. She wrote a song called "Returning Home" in 9th grade about 9/11. She was able to perform it at our year end Grand Concert at the junior high. It was an awesome performance and such a beautiful song. Every year I listen to it on September 11th. Here it is:

God bless America

Cutting board image from Anthology


bethany jane. said...

If you love the space and diversity, you'd LOVE Canada :) Seriously, nothing but land and immigrants. I'm proud to be an American wannabe though. Cool cutting board.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Amen! And I definitely think you should buy the cutting board.

emily snyder said...

i love you. i love your posts and the thoughts you share. i love that you know just how much to share - deep enough to be inspiring, but not so deep that it's too personal.

i love that kelsey posted this on facebook and you on your blog. it's crazy to think that so kids/young adults have no real recollection of today. thank you for remembering.

Unknown said...

When you talked about being able to drive through states boundaries without being stopped it made me think about jerusalem. wherever we went we were stopped! we are so blessed!