Mormon Videos

p.s. As I kept watching videos online after my last post, I came across this golden gem of goodness.

I recently posted about him and his fabulous skill doing letterpress. But I am so glad they made this little video about him. Every word is good and true. He was such a fabulous teacher and made me think about my art and my life and my self and how they all connect. The notes I took from his course are the ones I open up and read regularly. Not necessarily because of what he taught me about design and letterpress but what he taught me about being a person and feeling confident about my opinions.

Some great thoughts from his video...
Text, the alphabet, letters are almost holy.
Books are one of man's supreme achievements. 
Creating isn't making something from nothing. Creating is organizing. It's bringing things together. 


melimba said...

Great video. And great post about conference.
You are a great writer, really. And a great thinker too. And a great sister.

Natalie Grace said...