My Office

Thanks for your sweet comments about the wedding announcements I did this past year! I love working on fun and crazy projects like that, but I also love having consistency and a technological job that challenges me in different ways.

40ish hours of my week are spent in a cubicle. But, I have no complaints because I love my job and I think my cubicle is adorable. It's spacious, I have a a great color / texture of fabric on my walls, and the wood is charming.

Here is a little show of my work space. 

I moved my chair so we could see all the roll-around space I get. The main hallway on the far left, so I get lots of fun visitors! 

Several illustrators send samples of their work here to catch the eye of the art directors. Some of them get recycled or handed over to me, because I like to cut them out and pin them up in my little rotating gallery. 

my new print from Melissa

My massive pin collection is always a great conversation starter. 

Expanding out of my cubicle...here a few pictures of the rest of our space. A lot of my favorite bloggers have cool studios or craft spaces and they post pictures on their blogs. So although I don't have my studio, I certainly love the environment I get to work in. Here is a little view of our space...

main kitchen and eating area

meeting scheduling and secondary reception

the breakroom overlooking Dallas

the award display

the famous stairwell

conference rooms

my break room on the 15th floor

So there's my space. I feel pretty lucky that they PAY ME to hang out here everyday. 

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emily snyder said...

i LOVE THIS!! I want to do a tour of my office now! True, oodles of hours spent in the work space. LOVE the tour!!