Wedding: Engagement Pictures at the Barn!



 So let me tell you about this barn. It's in Park City between Greg works and the Main Street downtown area. I’ve passed by it many times and thought it was really cute. I saw a photoshoot online where a bride and groom had gone up there when there was a big American flag on the top. It was adorable, so I wanted to go up there. Alas, by the time we recruited my friend Martha to take some pictures for us, they had taken the flag off the barn. They also put up a big wreath during the holidays so some time we’ll take a picture up there with both the flag and the wreath. But for the meantime, these pictures are really fun! 

My co-worker is a photographer (Martha Mae Photography) and she offered to take some pictures for us. We brought my quilt and wore clothes that we would actually wear on a daily basis so that it would be a little more fun. We had a great time and it was good for us to practice getting our photo taken. That stuff is hard work! 


Wedding: The Prep Week!




The days before our wedding were really fun and relaxed. We got married on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We knew we would have Thursday and Friday off of work, but we chose to take off the whole week.

On Monday we went to brunch at a place called Park Cafe near Liberty Park. We've driven past many times and tried to go but it's very crowded on the weekend, so a weekday morning was perfect. We talked about all the trips we wanted to take this year and celebrated our last date unmarried. After brunch, we headed to Trader Joe's to pick out our flowers. We picked out a few snap dragons, tulips, and roses. And lucky us, they had just started setting our their fresh winter decor. So we got a long evergreen garland that was really beautiful. It was fun to just pick out the flowers as bride and groom and to just find what we liked and thought would be fun.

Then we headed to the airport to pick up our flower girl, mini groomsmen, and a bridesmaid. We met Emily and my mom to greet our Texas arrivals. Then headed to Zupa's for some lunch. I went home with my family and had to say goodbye to Greg until we met at the temple on Wednesday.

At home, we had some fun girl time. Trying on wedding outfits, painting nails, and getting lots of massages from Emily. We put together all of the floral arrangements on Tuesday, which took quite awhile! The rest of the flowers were delivered to our house from Costco, and then Melissa bravely went to the backyard and trimmed several pine boughs to go in the arrangements. She ended up with a few battle wounds and a ruined shirt from the sap, so she gets the floral MVP award.

On the night before our wedding, my whole family gathered in Alpine for a Cafe Rio dinner and I gave them thank you notes for helping me to get to the point I am to get married. I was glad I had some time to reflect and think about how instrumental my family has been in helping correct me when I needed to practice more patience, consoling me through breakups, helping me make decisions, and in general guiding me through the single adult life.

After all the tears and tissues, Lizzy gave a fabulous performance of her Miranda Sings impression with a special improvisational song for the bride. Thanks, Liz!


Our First Apartment


Here are a few pictures of our first apartment! I moved in at the end of October because I had already found someone to take my contract at my last apartment. We spent lots and lots of time looking for a new place and then finally settled on the first one that Greg found (he was in charge of housing- and he really rocked it!). It's a brand new complex at a great location in downtown Salt Lake City. It's a quick 5 minute drive to my office so I still get to come home for lunch in the middle of the day. Greg's commute is a little bit longer but he loves driving his truck so much that he doesn't seem to mind too much. :) We have two reserved parking spots next to each other, which is pretty fun. 

We love our bed. My parents gave us their old king bed. We know that we're starting out spoiled to have a king bed, but we don't mind. My R&R office gave us our beautiful bed spread from Pottery Barn that we love so much. It's white and is all hand stitched, which I can certainly appreciate. I made the throw pillows and the little pom pom garland, and my mom made the quilt on the foot of the bed. 

We have a huge American flag on the wall that everyone comments on when they come over. The painting is a beautiful wedding gift from two of my siblings for our wedding. It's by Brian Kershisnik, one of my favorite painters. It was a limited edition Sundance print. We love that it came from Sundance because we already have so many memories there and that's where my wedding ring is from. And we love the message. It's a couple planting a tree. We love the symbolism as we start our new life together. 

The kitchen is so wonderful. I love, love, love the open shelving. If we ever build a home, I definitely want to incorporate open shelving. I love that you can see all of our pretty dishes. And I had so much fun organizing my spices so that they're easy to grab right where we need them. We've been getting into houseplants too. It's really nice to have fresh basil and because we're on the 3rd floor, it's nice to have some greenery in the home since we're far removed from any landscaping. 

It's only 650 square feet, but we really love it here. 

Winter Adventures

This winter has been one for the record books! There has been hardly any snow, but we've found lots of fun ways to enjoy the snow. We got to go with Greg's friends to a cabin up near Deer Valley for the weekend. It was quite an adventure because we had to snowmobile in and pack all of our gear and food on the snowmobiles. We watched movies in our snow gear as we waited for the wood burning stove to warm the house. The weather was perfect and we loved getting a few rides in.

A week later, we decided to take the day off of work and go skiing up at Solitude. Greg skied and I snowboarded for the first time in 8 years! It was so relaxing to go with Greg and not have to compete or keep up with anyone. He's a real gem and so good at skiing! We fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and ate lunch at the lodge, complete with a hamburger and orange dreamsicles. I was sore for a week, but it was definitely worth it!

We also got to go to Sundance a couple times this winter. My work party was at Sundance so we got a discounted room. It was in a quaint little cottage and really fun. While we were there, we saw this beautiful ring. I loved it and thought it would go perfect with my wedding bands. We ended up going up to Sundance a few more times to meet the artist who made the ring and to finally buy it! Greg gave it to me on Valentine's day and it's a treasure we'll have forever.

Last weekend for Valentine's day, we went up to Aspen Grove for BYU's marriage weekend getaway. It was awesome! Our registration covered an overnight stay, 3 delicious meals, 4 hours of workshops from one of my favorite professors (Dr. Jason Carroll), and snow shoeing. Add a couple rounds of ping pong, air hockey, and BYU creamery ice cream and it made for the perfect weekend. In our downtime we played "Not So Trivial Pursuit" which is a game of cards that have random questions about you and your family. Fun times! Unfortunately we had to run back home to prep for our talks we were giving in church the next day, but it was a great weekend.


Wedding: Engagement Pictures by Mikki Platt

As Greg and I were making our wedding plans, I knew that engagement pictures were going to be important to me. Bridal pictures were fun, but so white and formal. Engagement shots are little more flexible and can be used for more things because you don't look at them and think "bridal" or "marriage." So the hunt for a photographer began early on. We ended up choosing Mikki Platt and she was so, so great. We met her up at Tibble Fork which is up American Fork Canyon. It was pretty special to me to go up there because I have lots of childhood memories up there.

Initially we thought we wanted to have lots of fall foliage in the pictures, but decided that Tibble Fork would be great to have more generic nature shots. We were so thrilled when we got them back! Mikki absolutely rocked it and we couldn't have been more pleased!

I learned that I really like blues and little pops of red. As you will see in BOTH my outfits.

This was the 1st of 4 photo shoots of just us during wedding festivities, so we're not super comfortable with posing, but Greg was a great sport. And look how cute he is in all these pics?!

As Melissa like to say "my blog, my rules" so get ready for lots of pictures!