Wedding: Engagement Pictures by Mikki Platt

As Greg and I were making our wedding plans, I knew that engagement pictures were going to be important to me. Bridal pictures were fun, but so white and formal. Engagement shots are little more flexible and can be used for more things because you don't look at them and think "bridal" or "marriage." So the hunt for a photographer began early on. We ended up choosing Mikki Platt and she was so, so great. We met her up at Tibble Fork which is up American Fork Canyon. It was pretty special to me to go up there because I have lots of childhood memories up there.

Initially we thought we wanted to have lots of fall foliage in the pictures, but decided that Tibble Fork would be great to have more generic nature shots. We were so thrilled when we got them back! Mikki absolutely rocked it and we couldn't have been more pleased!

I learned that I really like blues and little pops of red. As you will see in BOTH my outfits.

This was the 1st of 4 photo shoots of just us during wedding festivities, so we're not super comfortable with posing, but Greg was a great sport. And look how cute he is in all these pics?!

As Melissa like to say "my blog, my rules" so get ready for lots of pictures!

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ellen said...

red shoes?!? my favorite!!