Our First Apartment


Here are a few pictures of our first apartment! I moved in at the end of October because I had already found someone to take my contract at my last apartment. We spent lots and lots of time looking for a new place and then finally settled on the first one that Greg found (he was in charge of housing- and he really rocked it!). It's a brand new complex at a great location in downtown Salt Lake City. It's a quick 5 minute drive to my office so I still get to come home for lunch in the middle of the day. Greg's commute is a little bit longer but he loves driving his truck so much that he doesn't seem to mind too much. :) We have two reserved parking spots next to each other, which is pretty fun. 

We love our bed. My parents gave us their old king bed. We know that we're starting out spoiled to have a king bed, but we don't mind. My R&R office gave us our beautiful bed spread from Pottery Barn that we love so much. It's white and is all hand stitched, which I can certainly appreciate. I made the throw pillows and the little pom pom garland, and my mom made the quilt on the foot of the bed. 

We have a huge American flag on the wall that everyone comments on when they come over. The painting is a beautiful wedding gift from two of my siblings for our wedding. It's by Brian Kershisnik, one of my favorite painters. It was a limited edition Sundance print. We love that it came from Sundance because we already have so many memories there and that's where my wedding ring is from. And we love the message. It's a couple planting a tree. We love the symbolism as we start our new life together. 

The kitchen is so wonderful. I love, love, love the open shelving. If we ever build a home, I definitely want to incorporate open shelving. I love that you can see all of our pretty dishes. And I had so much fun organizing my spices so that they're easy to grab right where we need them. We've been getting into houseplants too. It's really nice to have fresh basil and because we're on the 3rd floor, it's nice to have some greenery in the home since we're far removed from any landscaping. 

It's only 650 square feet, but we really love it here. 

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