Wedding: Engagement Pictures at the Barn!



 So let me tell you about this barn. It's in Park City between Greg works and the Main Street downtown area. I’ve passed by it many times and thought it was really cute. I saw a photoshoot online where a bride and groom had gone up there when there was a big American flag on the top. It was adorable, so I wanted to go up there. Alas, by the time we recruited my friend Martha to take some pictures for us, they had taken the flag off the barn. They also put up a big wreath during the holidays so some time we’ll take a picture up there with both the flag and the wreath. But for the meantime, these pictures are really fun! 

My co-worker is a photographer (Martha Mae Photography) and she offered to take some pictures for us. We brought my quilt and wore clothes that we would actually wear on a daily basis so that it would be a little more fun. We had a great time and it was good for us to practice getting our photo taken. That stuff is hard work! 

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