Wedding: The Prep Week!




The days before our wedding were really fun and relaxed. We got married on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We knew we would have Thursday and Friday off of work, but we chose to take off the whole week.

On Monday we went to brunch at a place called Park Cafe near Liberty Park. We've driven past many times and tried to go but it's very crowded on the weekend, so a weekday morning was perfect. We talked about all the trips we wanted to take this year and celebrated our last date unmarried. After brunch, we headed to Trader Joe's to pick out our flowers. We picked out a few snap dragons, tulips, and roses. And lucky us, they had just started setting our their fresh winter decor. So we got a long evergreen garland that was really beautiful. It was fun to just pick out the flowers as bride and groom and to just find what we liked and thought would be fun.

Then we headed to the airport to pick up our flower girl, mini groomsmen, and a bridesmaid. We met Emily and my mom to greet our Texas arrivals. Then headed to Zupa's for some lunch. I went home with my family and had to say goodbye to Greg until we met at the temple on Wednesday.

At home, we had some fun girl time. Trying on wedding outfits, painting nails, and getting lots of massages from Emily. We put together all of the floral arrangements on Tuesday, which took quite awhile! The rest of the flowers were delivered to our house from Costco, and then Melissa bravely went to the backyard and trimmed several pine boughs to go in the arrangements. She ended up with a few battle wounds and a ruined shirt from the sap, so she gets the floral MVP award.

On the night before our wedding, my whole family gathered in Alpine for a Cafe Rio dinner and I gave them thank you notes for helping me to get to the point I am to get married. I was glad I had some time to reflect and think about how instrumental my family has been in helping correct me when I needed to practice more patience, consoling me through breakups, helping me make decisions, and in general guiding me through the single adult life.

After all the tears and tissues, Lizzy gave a fabulous performance of her Miranda Sings impression with a special improvisational song for the bride. Thanks, Liz!

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congratulations on your wedding!