Wedding: Bridal Showers






Nothing feels quite so bridal as a bridal shower! One of my sweet neighbors, Kim Bradshaw (pictured just above with the scarf and curly blonde hair) threw me the best bridal shower a girl could ask for! I have always loved Kim's style. She is the reason I got into graphic design, so I owe a lot to her. Anyway, she threw such a beautiful party with all of my neighbors that I have grown up with. It was the first event for the wedding and it was so special. The food was amazing and everyone was so kind. I brought a few pictures of Greg and I and they were so sweet. We were showered with so many generous gifts and I loved being able to tell my neighbors all about Greg. 

Lizzy and my Aunt Kathy surprised us all and drove from Logan to be there for the evening. Which was so fun! Lizzy painted us this amazing watercolor floral heart wonderment that hangs proudly in our room now. At the very end, Greg came and helped us load things home and so it was nice that he got to meet to many people that I love. 

And the food was amazing! So many fun delights and fall themed finger foods. She even printed our names on the popcorn holders. And the flowers a combination of baby's breath and paper. All my favorite things! It was so great, so great. 





The next shower was thrown by my new mother-in-law and sister-in-law for the Woolston and Heaton families. We had lots of Greg's neighbors there and family friends of the Woolston's. It was so much fun and we had a fun spread of breakfast deliciousness. Make-your-own yogurt parfaits, bacon, sausage, quiches, desserts and apple cinnamon flavored water! It was so fun that my grandma was able to be there and also my aunt and cousin drove up from Cedar City for the festivity.
And sweet Greg was helping make food while all the gals chatted and opened gifts. He really is the best. 

My co-workers also threw a few events for me. Martha and Lindsey and I had a little bachelorette party and went shopping together. And then a few days later, all of the ladies at my office went to this amazing place called Rose Establishment. It was so beautiful. And right as we were finishing off hot chocolate and tea, it started lightly snowing outside. It was pretty magical! (Marissa made these beautiful invitations!)



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melimba said...

Darling! I love finally seeing these pictures! I so wish I could have been there for these too!!! So nice to be surrounded by such lovely and generous friends! Great post!