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I feel a little odd about posting this many pictures of myself, but this will go down as one of the days in my life that I felt really beautiful. So a little bit about my dress. I’ve seen a lot of wedding dresses, I really like bridal magazines and wedding blogs and all that hoop-lah, and I’ve also helped lots of friends plan their weddings. And not to sound like a diva, but there just have never been a lot of dresses I’ve loved in bridal shops. I went to a few shops just to prove my theory and there were a few dresses that I really liked but they had a major price tag. In general I don’t love a lot of embellishment so it seemed like there were few options of just some basic white fabric. And of course, it is nearly impossible to buy a wedding dress that covers the shoulders and the chest. 

So I started to think of what else could be done. My mom made her own wedding dress, which I always thought was amazing. She was in school, planning a wedding without her mom (she passed away when my mom was just 14), and she still had the energy to make her own dress. I thought that would be very neat, but the more I thought about, the more it stressed me out. I’ve made a couple dresses and shirts, but I typically only do alterations to my own clothes- not anything from scratch and certainly nothing custom. It just seemed like too much to handle. My mom is a great seamstress, but over the years I’ve learned that she definitely prefers making quilts over clothing. I didn’t want to stress her out either because I knew I would need all of her energy to help me make decisions about wedding plans. (And I wanted her to make a quilt for the wedding!)

Lucky for me, my new mother-in-law was a costume design major in college. She had shown me a few of the dresses that she made for neighbors and friends, mostly for theatre performances and a few weddings. We asked if she would be willing to make my dress, and she was delighted! So I found a bunch of pictures I had saved through the years, did a basic sketch and we started planning. I made it very difficult for her because we didn’t have a pattern and I wanted a rounded neck with a scalloped neckline- which is really tricky. She found a few patterns that she was able to mix and match, but she spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to do the neckline. My mom, my mother-in-law and I went shopping for fabric and I was a little bit of a bridezilla. I really like fabric and it was really hard to decide which ones would work best. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on fabric because the dress wasn’t a HUGE deal to me, but I knew it needed to be nice. After a few tears and tissues in the middle of Joann’s, we finally settled on an off-white dupioni silk, and a mini dotted tulle netting. I thought it would be fun to have some lace trim, but couldn’t find anything I was crazy about. Another “lucky for me” moment was when my mother-in-law and new sister-in-law returned from a trip to New York City. They had gone to Mood Fabrics and found a really pretty lace trim. So we added that to the sleeves and the skirt to complete it. It turned out great! And I can’t believe how patient and kind both my mom and mother-in-law were in helping me figure it out. They deserve an award. 

For the rest of my outfit, I gathered a few things I had collected. I had made the clip-on earrings for my senior prom and they were just the right color, so I pulled those out. And then I got the sash from a darling gal at Tissu Fabrics here in Salt Lake. And I just wore shoes I already had. I thought it was more important to have them broken-in and comfortable more than having them match perfectly. Plus, I love grey shoes. 

The headband has a fun story. When I got my new job in Salt Lake, I was feeling a bit bummed about leaving my sister and her family in Dallas. So her husband offered to take the kids and let us have a sisters trip to Austin. We only stayed for a couple nights but we had a great time exploring the area. We went to a fabric store we had heard about and it wasn’t quite what we excepted but they had some really pretty bridal things. There was this really pretty piece of beaded trim. I thought it might make a nice headband, but we worried it was too formal for everyday wear. I still bought it, just a yard or so. When I moved to Utah, I had it in a little plastic bag in my bathroom with the rest of my hair doo-dads. And I would see it everyday when I would pull out my comb or some bobby pins. Greg doesn’t even know this, but when we started dating and I would get ready for a date with him, I would look a little longer at that piece of trim and think “I wonder if I’ll get to use that for a wedding with this guy…” And then as things got more serious, I thought “Ok, now I’m definitely going to save that piece of trim and use it for something bridal…” Then after he proposed, “I thought ‘Ok, I can for sure use this.’” And I did. When I opted out of the veil route, my mom said I still needed something bridal on my head and we really liked the way this piece of trim worked. 

When we took the formal photos, my mom was there to help. I knew we wouldn't have a photographer on the wedding day before the ceremony, so I asked Mikki (our amazing photographer was Mikki Platt) to take a few pics with my mom getting me ready. She LOVES to tie bows so I think it's pretty cool we got a picture of her sweet hands tying my big bow in the back. And her black and white polka dot shirt just pops in the space. Pretty fun! 

So without further adieu, here’s the bridal photos… A great deal of them in fact. 












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melimba said...

I love everything about this post, the background stories, the explanation with mom and tying bows, it is just beautiful. And you look so happy. It's just the best.