Wedding: Family

We were so grateful to have our family so involved with our wedding. We had people flying in from Michigan, Boston, Texas, and D.C. We were purposely planned the wedding around Thanksgiving so that our guests could make a family trip of it, and we were so happy that people were able to make it and take work off of in the middle of the week before the holiday break.  

Here are the family pictures we took at the wedding, plus a few of our longest friends...

All of our family and friends who were in attendance at our temple marriage ceremony

Our new combined families. The Snyders on the right, Woolstons on the left.

Snyder/ Johnson extended family

Woolston extended family

All of the Snyder family

All of the Snyder siblings + Greg

With my parents

With the Woolston immediate family

With Greg's parents

A few of my favorite friends: Alex & Lindy, Kelli, Vanessa


Greg's best friend, Mo

Me and my parents

Me, my mom and my sisters

All of Greg's groomsmen

Greg and his parents

Greg with his Grandpa Heaton

Me with my niece and nephews. Benson loved this part! 

Me and Matilda, the cutest little flower girl

Me with just my siblings

Our combined immediate families

The entire Snyder Family

Us with Greg's parents

All of our sisters, my niece

Greg with his 3 brother-in-laws

Greg's groomsmen, his 5 best friends from high school and beyond

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melimba said...

Great thinking to caption each of these pics with everyone! Man, you are gonna love having this!!!