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If you know me well, then you know there will be a post dedicated to the food at the wedding. I love food. Talking about it, shopping for it, planning meals, watching it prepared, talking about preparing it, etc. One of the first things my mom told Greg about me is that if it's lunch time I either already have dinner figured out or I am going to force everyone else to figure it out before I can feel calm. What can I say? I always gotta know when/ where the next meal is. 

When we started planning the wedding and I got stressed with all the details, I told my mom that she could just be in charge of the food, much to her dismay. Because I'm always the one who likes to figure out food for family meals with her. So when one of my sisters heard that I was "handing over food responsibilities" she called me and told me to reconsider. She said, "Food is like YOUR thing." So, alas I got back involved and I'm so glad I did because I love everything we had! 

For the luncheon, Greg's parents enlisted Greg's uncle Matt who runs his own BBQ catering company, Smokin' Mormon. He is a smoking master! Seriously, I had some of his food at Greg’s family reunion last summer and it was amazing so we both felt great about that. The final menu ended up being smoked beef brisket, smoked pulled chicken, rosemary red potatoes, green beans, kale salad, pretzel rolls, with a dessert of blueberry or apple cobbler. 

For the reception, we went back and forth for a long time on what to serve. We wanted it to feel fall-ish but didn’t want to compete with anything that people would have the next day for Thanksgiving. Initially we planned on making kabobs on our own but the planning involved some unwanted stress and coordination. We first decided on cinnamon rolls from Shirley’s Bakery. Shirley’s makes the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. We had them at my sister, Melissa’s wedding and they were a big hit, and a nice choice in the cold months. I also really love their raspberry rolls, so we did half and half. (For the record, the cinnamon rolls were more popular than the raspberry.)

For the rest of the reception food, we enlisted the help of Marvellous Catering company and they did such a great job. They served seafood crostinis, a Mediterranean tortellini vegetable salad, and teriyaki meatballs. We had berry water and mint water, and then cold milk too. My family loves having milk with cinnamon rolls so we knew that would be fun too! (Side note. You can freeze milk! The caterer told us that they do this all the time. You just make milk ice cubes and put it in the milk. It worked great!)

I told my parents, Greg, and his parents that I wanted us all to be at the reception 30 minutes early so that we could sit down and eat the food together. And I'm so glad I did. We got time to try everything out before our guests did and be fully fed with energy to stand up for a few hours greeting guests. I did spill a little salad on my dress and had an oil spot down the front, but it was worth every bite! 



Last but not least was the delicious chocolate raspberry cake my sister made for Greg and I! Emily is a fabulous baker. And I had seen her post a picture of some layer cakes that she made for a dinner party she had at her home in Boston. I really like the “exposed cake” look and I think layer cakes are beautiful, so we asked if she could make our cake. Lucky for us, she came to town the weekend before the wedding, so she made a test cake for Sunday dinner. It was incredible! I posted a little video of her making it and the process involved. (The second half is much better because Greg took over in the filming department.) Then we felt it would be best if we also did a practice of the cake cutting, just to make sure we had all the hand/ eye coordination down.

It was a chocolate cake with a buttercream frosting with raspberries in the middle and topped with chocolate ganache. We added a little lego topper of a bride and groom as a shout out to Greg’s favorite childhood toy. We had a couple bites when we cut it at the wedding, and then asked Emily to package some up for us. We took it home during the honeymoon and froze it, and then ate the rest of it the next week. It froze well and tasted great. (At least what was left of our families eating it after we took off from the reception. They gobbled it right up! :)

Good food, good fun! Thanks to everyone who helped out! 



All photos by Claire Marika

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melimba said...

I'm so glad you got back involved with the food! It IS your thing! Everything that I was able to eat was delicious. I want to redo that day so I could eat ALL of it!!!!