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Our reception was such a blast! Really, such a great time. I had heard a lot of stories about how receptions are really long and how you just want to be done with the day by the end of your wedding, but I felt like the reception could have gone even longer! 

We got there early and were able to have a nice plate of food and gear up to hang out in the line. My parents, Greg, me, and Greg's parents all stood in a receiving line for the majority of the evening and got to catch up with all of the people who came to see us. And it was a fabulous reunion of new friends and old. People I hadn't seen for years who made the trek down to Highland to come congratulate us. I just couldn't even believe it. I would be in shock after catching up with someone and then turn my head to see another familiar face, it was wonderful. And I think my favorite part was introducing so many people to Greg. He had heard about so many of them that it was nice to be able to say, "and this is the gal who totally saved me in this class in high school..." It was great. 

Next up, we cut the cake! Emily made a delicious one and we politely fed each up a small bite on a fork. No messes for us! Then we had our first dance and tried to have a little dance party with the rest of our guests but they were too busy chatting! All is well, we had a great time to "Party in the USA" by ourselves. 

Then the catering company packed up some of the food, we grabbed our luggage and started the getaway. Greg had arranged for everyone to be holding sparklers as we left, and it really did make it quite magical. I kept wanting someone to pinch me, because it felt like a movie! I kept thinking of the final scene in the movie "Emma" with Gwenyth Paltrow where she finally gets to marry Mr. Knightley and everyone is smiling and throwing confetti. It was a wonderful moment to walk past all of our loved ones as we headed to our future hand in hand! 


At the reception, a lot of people brought gifts and we were just overwhelmed with everyone’s kindness. About a week after we sent out our invitations, we got a few gifts in the mail and it was like a Christmas miracle. I waited until Greg came over after work and we made a video of us opening our first wedding gift. There were lots of “wohoos!” and “this is amazing!” happening. I couldn’t believe that someone would just send us a present just because we chose to get married. As the month of wedding prep continued on, we got so many more packages and each time we did, I would seriously cry. And then after my bridal showers too, I was just so humbled by the kindness and generosity from all of our friends and family. It’s just such a weird feeling to already have so much joy about finding the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and then also getting all these new wonderful things that you’ve dreamt of having your whole life. Colorful latte bowls! A dutch oven! A pan/pot set! Real silverware that you didn’t buy as a pack of metal forks for $1 at Wal-mart. 

After our wedding we had both of our parents come over and we opened every card and present together. It was such a sweet experience to be with our parents and talk through all of the friends throughout our lives who were so excited for us and helping us along our new adventure. So thank you, thank you for all your generosity. We are so grateful for all that we’ve been given and it has been such a fabulous winter learning how to use our new kitchen tools and home goods. We humbled by the kindness of our loved ones and hope to adequately give to them in the future. Thank you, thank you! 

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melimba said...

I loved the Woot! Woot! On the sign outside! The funniest! It was such a perfect location! Everything was beautiful! Such a happy day!