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Greg and I got married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This temple has been a part of my personal history since I was a young girl. While they were constructing it, they had all the little kids in primary write their name on a piece of paper and they put the paper in the walls on the steeple. I remember the day I wrote my name on that piece of paper in primary. I used a black crayon because all the other colors were being used and I worried that maybe I should have used a brighter or softer color since it was going to stay in the House of the Lord. Our leaders told us that if we put our name on the paper and then in the temple, we would always see the steeple and remember that it is a place where we can feel comfortable and we can feel God's presence on earth. 

Well as I grew up, I definitely remembered and thought of my name there all growing up. When it came time for Greg and I to decide where we wanted to be married, I already knew this was the place. The temple grounds have always been a safe place for me. When I was a teenager with a new license, sometimes I would just drive there and spend some time in the parking lot praying, writing in my journal and trying to figure out the turbulence of high school and where I was going in my life. 

Being able to share this space with Greg has been so special for me. I am so glad we were able to be married here and sealed together, not just for this life, but the next. 

My best friend wasn't able to attend the wedding because she had a baby a couple weeks before, but her dad was able to perform our marriage ceremony. He is such a good man and helped explain the commitment we were making to each other, before our loved ones, and more importantly to God. To hear his words and to be surrounded by so many people who have touched our lives was such a sweet, sacred experience. I was quite weepy and I truly felt that there was no where else I would rather be with Greg and so many of our loved ones. 

The ceremony in our church and the vows we make to one another are not printed or distributed outside of the temple, so we didn't have a recording. But we had some little pieces of paper for our guests to fill out after the ceremony of anything they remembered or that stood out to them that Greg and I could reflect on later. We've appreciated being able to look back on those notes and remember Elder Jensen's words of wisdom given to us that day.

Our photographer, Claire Marika, was able to catch some great shots of the family and the temple as they waited for us to come out as husband and wife... 


















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melimba said...

I love seeing all these pictures and re-living the fun! You are going to love having a real record with all the descriptions to look back on! Bravo, girl!