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A few weeks ago our wedding was featured on Utah Valley Bride! I've been reading that magazine for years so it was fun to featured on their blog. The title of the post was "Mr. Right." Greg said he felt a little weird about that title, but I kept reassuring him that it was absolutely perfect! He is Mr. Right, so I'm glad I "swiped" right and that he picked right, and we're al-right together. 

Here is the text from the post. I think their copywriter did a great job with our story.

NOVEMBER 26, 2014 // Rebecca + Greg Rebecca Snyder and Greg Woolston grew up 30 minutes apart — but love was at their fingertips. We’re talking Tinder, if you want to get technical. The two swiped right and then talked left and right. “We asked so many questions in our messages back and forth and we were both in shock that the conversation kept going. We both thought the other was too good to be true,” says Rebecca, who’s from Alpine. “Greg likes to say it was love at first swipe.” The two met in April, got engaged in August and were married by November. The proposal was sweet — first and foremost. Greg started where they had their first date and their first meal, then they went to where they had their first kiss and where they first said I love you. Then he got down on his knee while Greg’s best friend and wife were snapping away capturing the moment. Rebecca and Greg made a list of what they wanted their wedding to feel like more than what they wanted it to look like. They quickly said “I do” to DIY. “In the short 100 days of our engagement, we crafted our fingers away!” Rebecca designed and programmed the website, made the invitations, designed the dress, made necklaces, made earrings, addressed the envelopes, made the crossword puzzle and floral bouquets. As the wedding day quickly arrived, it was nothing short of perfect. “My best friend’s dad was able to perform the eternal sealing of our union,” Rebecca says, “and it was by far the best part of our day.”

A few weeks after that our invitations were featured on my very favorite paper blog, Oh So Beautiful Paper. I took the text I had written from my blog post here all about the wedding invitations. And she chopped it up and put what was relevant to her audience. I was so glad to see something so affordable featured on the blog. I worried that because it was just basic black and white, it wouldn't get much attention. But it turns out, if the design is fun enough, it doesn't matter what kind of printing you do! Wohoo! Here's to affordable design!

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