Wedding: Website

As a web developer, I thought it would be fun to do a little digital shout-out to announce our engagement. Since I was pretty darn positive that Greg would be proposing on a Wednesday, we used the days before to work on our little landing page. When we posted our engagement on Facebook, we had a link going to this page that gave the basics of our story. I thought it was fun because not a lot of our Facebook friends knew that we were dating someone, so we thought it would be a nice way to give some people background and context of how we met, etc.

After we had the URL and landing page, we built out the rest of the website. It had a page for our registry info, photos of our engagement session, more details about our courtship, and the details for the reception. I was really happy that it matched the invitations and gave our guests one spot for all the details, especially the registry because I always think it's an added complexity to have to search for a bride and groom's registry info.

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