New Meals!






Food food food! We got so many beautiful new dishes and cooking utensils for our wedding! It has been really, really fun to plan new meals with them and take pictures. The sewing table is right by the window and it gets really nice light in the evenings. Usually I finish cooking dinner around 6 and it's the perfect time to take a little photo before we eat. I even bought a piece of foam core that Greg holds to bounce the light for our little photo shoots before dinner. I've started using a hastag on my instagram account #rebeccamadefood if you'd like to follow along.

In order:
Italian meat sauce
Potato, ham, and egg hash
Lettuce wrapped cheese burger
Spaghetti squash with italian meat sauce
Pork chops with creamy mushroom gravy, peas, and mashed cauliflower
Freshly squeezed orange juice and carrot juice
Ramen noodles with chicken, peas, and carrots (Greg's brain child!)
Oatmeal with dates, pecans, cinnamon, and apples
Chicken tortilla soup
Grilled naan pizzas (with the Trader Joe's balsamic glaze on top)
Home made orange julius!
Caprese salad
Homemade Hawaiian pizza (Trader Joe's delicious herb pizza dough)
Asian chicken salad

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melimba said...

beautiful! everything you make is beautiful! and you are right, the lighting in your apt is amazing! way to be profesh!