Wedding: Prep

From proposal to "I do" we had 100 days to plan it all! As a major DIYer, I knew that would mean a lot of crafts! I tried to snap a few photos as we crafted.

My mom and I collected cans and bought a few at the cannery to spray for the flowers. I asked Greg to pick up can of gold spray paint at Home Depot. He loves spray paint, so he knew all the right kinds to get. He got a matte metallic gold, a super shiny gold, a rich bronze, and matte white. At first when he got home I thought he had purchased too many. But it was the right amount and I loved having so many different varieties of the colors. Great work Greg!

I wanted to have pinecones from my yard as the place card holders, so my mom and I collected a couple hundred and cleaned them all.


My mom and our neighbor Kayla spent hours cutting out all the blocks for the quilt and ironing them onto freezer paper so it would be easier to write on for the guest book. And she made this fabulous embroidery to go in the middle.


Greg was a trooper. Especially when it came to wedding announcements. He hand stamped the return label on all the envelopes because I wanted to handwrite all the other addresses. I caught him mid-stamp while we watched Emperor's New Groove.

Unfortunately I got a sinus infection about a month before the wedding. But nothing can hold me back from finishing these invites! So here I am in the doctor's waiting room. Stamping and writing.


 This is the first wedding gift we received! It came in the mail to my office. So I sent Greg a picture and we filmed ourselves opening it up that night. Receiving presents in the mail ahead of time was SOO exciting!

When we my mom and I went to meet with the caterer, we chose all of the dining utensils and the platers that everything would be served on. Marvellous Catering was such a dream to work with, and when she pulled out these kraft recycled square plates, I got so excited! 

The other picture if when Greg and I had to go down to Provo before work and get our marriage license at the Utah County offices. Wohoo!


Our bridesmaids wore navy blue dresses, but I wanted them to have some floral component. I stressed about these necklaces for far too long, but I thought it would be fun to include some of the floral fabric that Melissa designed for Kokka. So I used these and made some necklaces for each girl. They took forever and I kind of regret it. But, hey. They all matched! 


Along with my wedding gown, my mother-in-law made a sweet yellow dress for my niece with a little scalloped hem. She also made this beautiful blue organza dress for herself. So much work and they turned out great! 


When I went grocery shopping the week before the wedding, I knew we were getting close because milk would expire on our wedding day! The countdown began!

This last picture is our last day at the singles ward. Greg had become a member of my congregation after we got engaged so that we could attend church together. The bishopric started a marriage preparation class for us and a couple others during the Sunday School hour. But on this last Sunday, the teacher wasn't able to make it. So we thought we would do our own marriage prep course. We found this room upstairs with really nice light and we talked about what we wanted our Sundays to look like in our married life, what sorts of service we wanted to do in the church and said a prayer of gratitude for the change to take a marriage prep course with our amazing bishopric. We were so grateful for all the counsel and wisdom they gave us. 

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