First Family Camping Trip

Greg and I are pretty lucky to have such great jobs. One perk that we both get is called Summer Fridays. My office gets off 2 hours early every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Greg's office gets out at noon every other Friday. We're going to miss a few of his early out days for vacations. But, this weekend worked out that we would both get out early and we decided to do a quick camping outing.

We packed up the truck, gathered some firewood and headed up to the Uintahs. We were first headed to Smith-Morehouse reservoir. But all the walk up were taken. So we drove through Oakley and headed up to Mirror Lake. There were lots of campgrounds all around the highway and we finally settled on one in a great location and near to a bathroom :). I watched Greg build a fire (he's really good at it) while I prepped tinfoil dinners to go in the fire. After our dinner, we ate our weight in smores: quite possibly my favorite dessert of all time. We both feel very patriotic while camping and eating smores. Go America!

I feel pretty lucky that Greg has invested in such great camping gear. I kept considering it in my single years, but never ended up buying anything of quality. Luckily, he has a great tent, sleeping bags and coats. It was also pretty fun to make use of some of our wedding gifts. We used our new camping chairs, a new camping mattress, and some grill tongs to control the fire. Some of our favorite wedding gifts have definitely been the non-traditional ones that have made for fun activities (including the entire Seinfeld series on DVD).

The next morning, we cleaned up camp and headed up to Mirror Lake. We ate breakfast there and got a premium seat for people watching. We were up there by 9 am so it was really fun to watch people get out of the car and start fishing or start their hikes around the lake. So many families celebrating the weekend in their different ways.

On our way home, we stopped at the Oakley Drive-In for burgers and fries. As we drove through Oakley, we saw a bunch of people at one of the Ragnar stops. As we got closer I realized one of the cars was a team from my office that was competing. Crazy timing! So we got to stop and wish them luck on the rest of their race.

Of course the rest of the weekend involved lots of laundry to recover from the campout, but it was a lovely little getaway.

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