Strawberry Picking


Greg and I took a lovely vacation to North Carolina last weekend. It was our first out of state adventure as a married couple and it went much better than we could have planned! We had a lot of time to explore, take it easy, and eat really good food. We took a long drive between Greensboro and Durham and we happened to see a U-pick strawberry farm. And my blogging heart started beating fast! 

There’s just something about a strawberry picking photo that makes me really happy. So we got our bucket and started foraging. We stayed at hotels and knew we would be in a hot car for a bit, so we only picked enough to be a little snack, and it was the perfect amount. Pretty fun to take a quick stop! 

We also got a new camera! Both Greg and I had SLR cameras that were several years ago. When we got married, we sold our other cameras and combined our spoils with some of our wedding gift cards to buy a new one. And we’re so happy about it! We literally use it every single day and we’re so glad that we’ve used our wedding money to invest into something that we’re really going to use and be able to document all of our newlywed adventures and beyond. 

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