America's Birthday Weekend


This past week, Greg and I travelled down south for a Snyder family vacation. We did a combo of Lake Powell part of the week and then stayed at my parents home in St. George the rest of the time. We didn’t take too many pictures at Powell, but it was a great time. The water is so warm and the scenery is beautiful. I think I’ve gone every summer for the past 15-ish years, one of our favorite family traditions for sure. 

Although the temperature was sky high, it’s nice to have some downtime at a house where you feel comfortable, but you don’t have the luxuries of home to distract you. I always forget my to-do lists in St. George and just relax. Which is exactly what we did for a couple days. There were rides in the RZR, singing and playing piano, experimenting with electronic helicopters, cooking, swimming, chatting, lego building (lots and lots of lego building), roasting marshmallows, eating, and of course driving. 

America is the best. Happy birthday USA!  

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