Park City Dinner Party

As some of you may recall, I left my job in Dallas to move to Salt Lake City. I loved my job and I loved a lot of the people I worked with. But there were so many! In a company of 700, it felt like you only got to know someone for a little snippet of time when you worked on a project together. But then once it was over, it seemed like I would never see them again. We were spread out through several floors of a skyscraper and so you really had to be intentional about who you ran into during the day. One thing that I hoped for with my job change was more of an environment that cared about who you were outside of work. To me, things like holiday parties, staff meetings, random team building activities, and impromptu barbecues are very important. It's the opportunity to get to know my team away from the office. 

At my new job in Salt Lake, there are only 24 of us squished into a little house. You literally "run into people" all the time. And it's great! One thing I love about my co-workers is that so many of them share my love for food. A few months back, we started a food club. We bring in recipes, post them on a blog, and go to new restaurants. It's really fun! 

Last week, Becca had a few of us up to her beautiful home in Park City for a dinner party. We all contributed, Martha decorated, and Becca prepared a gourmet feast! Here was the menu: 

  • ceviche with tortilla chips (Juanita's chips, the ones that are crispy and delicious!)
  • baguette topped with apricot jam, ricotta, prosciutto, and balsamic glaze
  • watermelon arugula salad topped with a sweet vinaigrette, radish, and toasted almonds
  • a squash and zucchini flower pureed soup topped with crispy bacon and white cheddar croutons
  • grilled pork tenderloin with grilled peaches
  • fruit pizza: citrus sugar cookie crust with frosting, blue berries, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi
Delicious! We only had a few sprinkles of rain before it cleared up for the night. When it got dark, the candles were lit, and the torches were fired up. The ambiance was beautiful, the conversation was great, and the stars were shining brighter up there. We left stuffed and filled with joy for this phase of our life. We're so grateful to meet new people and enjoy getting to know them in such beautiful settings that we have in Utah. 

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