Big Move!


We moved! Not far, just about 10 minutes from our old place, still in the great Salt Lake City. We really liked the ward we were in and loved how close it was to everything, but we were feeling the growing pains of wanting more space. We could fit most of our belongings but there wasn't much space for us to spread out our hobbies. And of course, Greg loves having a garage and space to hold his hobbies. At our old place we were fitting two cars, a scooter, and a motorcycle in 2 parking spots. It was quite the squeeze! And even though it was nice to live downtown and be close to the grocery stores and parks, it was a little scary. When I would take walks in the evening, I always felt a little scared on my own and would make sure to be back before it dimmed down.

We're really enjoying our new place! We each have our own closet and we have an extra room for the sewing machine and the rest of our hobbies. It has a garage and it's nice to have some grass in the backyard. We were able to unpack the grill we got as a wedding gift and we've loved being able to use it and get things organized in the kitchen so we can cook again.

I forgot how rough it is to move though! We've been there about two weeks and we're finally starting to feel settled and recycle a bunch of boxes. My parents, brother, his girlfriend, and Greg's mom helped us move from our apartment on the 3rd floor. It was a lot of stairs and we're really really grateful for their help. I don't know how we would have done it without them because we were both near a breaking point. There's just so much stuff!

I took the opportunity to do a "Kon-Marie clean out." I read this book (along with the rest of the world) and have loved it! This gal has a lot of good, practical guidance for what stuff you should keep and why. I also especially love how she goes through each genre of your belongings and guides you through how to think about it. So I wanted to document the process of cleaning out because it took FOREVER. But it felt great in the end to give lots of things away and hopefully someone else will benefit from them!

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